The Movie Blog Podcast – Twilight: New Moon Edition

Hey there guys. Well… as you can probably tell from the title of this podcast, today we’re just talking about the new Twilight movie “New Moon” which opened this past weekend and smashed all sorts of box office records.

But my dear international friends… please be warned that this podcast is filled with spoilers and that I talk about the movie openly. So if you haven’t seen New Moon yet (and according to the box office most of you have seen it already) you may not want to listen to this episode until after you do.

So with that being said…. let’s get on with it!

Oh… and here’s the picture of me and Jason Alexander I was talking about in the podcast:


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55 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Podcast – Twilight: New Moon Edition

  1. Thanks so much for your sharing on this film, really like this film by watching the 4 parts over again and again, love Robert and Kristen ,it’s pity for them broke up

  2. I’m not much of a Twilight fan but I really do like Nikki Reed who wasn’t really in the New Moon as much but she stars in an actually good horror movie, Chain Letter.

  3. Guys……if you liked the first part then please do not see this movie ….such an interesting plot and but lack of acting … ..this movie is not even worth for being sequel of this saga twilight.

  4. Sorry John I have to disagree with you. The most annoying thing for me in this movie was how long Bella took to get over Edward. If I had to see her do something stupid because of Edward breaking up with her, I would be peeing on the screen.

  5. I’m a huge Twilight fan and I have read all the books so from my point of view you hit all the right points John.
    But I have to partly disagree with you on the acting. I thought it was good as some points and then I thought they over acted on certain scenes which was my problem in Twilight SO THEY BETTER GET IT RIGHT FOR THE NEXT TWO MOVIES BECAUSE I’m so PISSED THAT THEIR RUINING BOOKS THAT ADORE SO MUCH. I also think that the screenwriter is at fault too because they were give some awful lines at times.
    I love the books but I do agree that they have to change some things to make the movie flow better because sometimes what’s on the page isn’t going to work out on screen.
    One other problem I had was when they were talking it took FOREVER for them to spit out what they had to say I WAS HURRY THE HELL UP AND GET IT OUT !
    I’ve ranted quite a bit but honestly I LOVED THE MOVIE even though it had it’s negatives. I won’t let that ruin my experience.

  6. Stewart better watch out- Bella may just bite the dust the next film or two ^if^ they follow the books. I’ve seen her in other pix- she was great on Land Of Women, I have a soft spot for Messengers…

    I haven’t seen the flick yet, I’m not rushing. I actually had this feeling that Sheen would not have a big part and Burke’s tole would be less than the previous film.

  7. Ok John, great podcast. Dude you were at the casino on the right day :D

    Kristen Stewart’s acting, and I know I’ve said this before on here like 5 times, but i thought it was better. Not amazing or great, but a lot better. I personally thought she played the role in this one well. Maybe the character of Bella in New Moon is a bitch, but I’m with you on the “movies should stand on their own”. I’ve talked to Kristen Stewart before briefly and she seems nice, but certainly she does give off a vibe like that, sometimes, but I don’t see it here.

    Lautner-What acting? He just read his lines. I mean I guess he played the part of Jacob well but….nah.

    Pattinson-he was ok. Somewhere in between good and ok.

    the action was filmed very well. It is very ironic aboutt hat Micheal sheen thing and HOLY CRAP he was awesome. Dakota Fanning needed to be in there more, false advertising led me to believe she’d get some more screen time. The only major, MAJOR problem I had was how it really felt longer than 3 hours. DRAAAGED. But in the end i enjoyed it. And yes it was pretty funny at times.

  8. Part 3 has already been filmed, so any kinds of problems you have may not be fixed. They brought a new director new, David SLade, and he could have a new direction for the series.

    I still feel it was a mistake to fire Catherine Hardwicke.

  9. My biggest problem with New Moon was the movie felt like it was dragging, especially towards the end. It is a 2+ hr movie, and it felt like it was 3+ hrs.

    I agree with almost everything John said, They needed more of the “Darth Maul” stuff and less Bella and Edward. It is really sad when the Carlisle and Bella scene has more chemistry than any Bella/Edward or Bella/Jacob scene.

    I still enjoyed it, but the movie could have been much better with a little editing, and some acting lessons for the 3 leads.

    In answer to your Voulturi question:

    Ero wants both Edward and Alice to join the Voulturi, and he knows that killing Bella would make that almost an impossibility. He also thinks that any vision Alice has will come to pass, so by seeing Bella as a vampire in Alice’s mind, Ero believes that is equivalent to turning her in the present.

      1. I liked the movie, but yes, the pacing is slow …much like the book! LoL New Moon is my least favorite book, but the movie did a fair job in adapting it to screen. Yes, there should have been more explaination behind why certain things happen for those who go to the movie and haven’t read the book. Melissa Rosenberg might be a good TV writer, but she sorely lacks in movie screenplays.

  10. John, I normally somewhat disagree with what you say about any given movie, but I just saw this movie, and you hit the nail on the head… Three uninteresting leads, not enough of the good characters, and Bella’s a d-bag.

    And I think the Volturi didn’t turn her then and there because the leader saw that it was actually true and genuine when he touched Alice.

    1. I must disagree with other Aaron on this one, Bella wasn’t a d-bag. And ok am I the only one besides James who thought Kristen Stewart was better, a lot better this time?

    2. I thought she was better, and I liked Edward. Lautner I said on friday i thought was comical.

      Bella was NOT being a bitch. Of COURSE she left Jacob! Edward was going to FUCKING DIE!!!!!!! When a friend, family member or loved one is going to die and youre only way to save him is to go to Italy… do you really think shes going to stay in Forks to please wolf-boy???? JACOB was the one that left her. SHE CAME BACK like in 3 days!

      She never USED him, HE used her. ALL he wants is to get in her pants. She tells him repeadetly “I love you, youre my best friend, but DUDE- I have a boyfriend” and its never enough for him. He just wants to get his dick wet, HES the douche bag.

      As for her being a bitch to her dad, BULLSHIT. She makes food for him everyday, she feeds him, everything she does is to please him because she worries Charlie is being affected by her depressed state. He could go with her mom anyday of the week but she knows Charlie needs her more.

      And her human friends happen to all be assholes as well. Her female human friends are extremely jealous and her male human friends only want her pussy.
      Its kinda pathetic, really.

      I could go on to bigger reasons… but it would completely ruin the 3rd and 4th book.

      1. no… I meant ‘cum’. Spell the ‘sentence’ however you like but by the way they make this stupid conversation sound…that’s what it sounded like :P

        At least to me and the rest of the audience in the theatre. As soon as they said that everyone burst into laughter.

        Same happened when Jacob took off his shirt to help Bella-face with a bump on the head…people couldn’t stop laughing through most of the film. I mean did they ever READ the script? Was there even one?

        Oh god and when Jacob starts getting angry after the cinema at that guy who went to throw up:
        Bella: you’re so….hot…its like…its like you have a feeeever
        Jacob: I feel… weird… I’ma go home.

  11. John, pretty much what you said in this i agreed.

    The camera shots were nicely done, the action scenes were amazing(despite them being short), I too, felt Victoria had very little screen time in it. I thought Taylor Lautner did fine…cant really say if Rob and Kristen were doing bad or good. But Man! Its like you stole the words right out of my mouth about Micheal sheen, It was like he was a child! BUT PYSCHOTIC and CREEPY!
    In the end though i really liked it. …well that was my two cents…

  12. If I remember correctly, the whole “I wanna be a vampire!!” Scene to “Volturi/Wolf Pack” Scene ratio was about the same in the book. And Bella’s just about as (un)likeable in the books as she seems to be in the movie. Horrible characterization.

    The “Phantom Menace” bit disappoints me, the wolves and the Volturi were the only things I really liked about the books. Guess I won’t be seeing it.
    (Also, I do think the Volturi had some kind of ulterior motive for not turning Bella right on the spot, but I don’t remember what it was…it’s been awhile.)

  13. Love your point about the characterization of Bella. I have a similar opinion, as is stated in my review

    I also totally agree about Taylor Lautner. Still think that Pattinson and Stewart were good, but your review was very good

  14. Great podcast =]

    I know they didnt say it in the movie, but:

    They didnt turn her in Italy because
    1) Her dad

    2) Edward explained she still has human stuff to do (vampires take doing things humans can with high value)

    3) Edward kinda threatens that they shouldnt piss off Carslile

    4) Michael Sheen wanted to kill Edward, keep Bella alive, and make her a Volturi (he knew Edward doesnt want to be a Volturi). So when he didnt kill Edward… because of reason #4 and because he KNEW Bella would kill herself… he let THEM change her, and threatens them to “If you dont change her soon, we will track you down”

    5) Turning someone into a vampire takes like 4 days.

    6) Aro (Sheen) already saw the vision in the future of Bella being a vampire, so he really has nothing to worry about.

    The Volturi have no mercy, they wouldnt let her go for no reason.

    HOWEVER, they did a poor job of explaining this in the movie.
    I hope that answers the question,

    Oh and what would you give it as a score?

    1. I loved it =]

      I know John didnt talk about this, but the thing I found wrong with it was this:

      Why would Edward commit suicide by taking his shirt off?
      No one woud say “Hey theres a vampire! RUN!!!!!!”

      They would say “Oh shit look, that bloke sparkles.. thats fucking cool.. hows he doing that?”

      As for the lack of action, i didnt mind. Its Twilight, not Point Break.

      Eclipse will have plenty of fight scenes though.

      The book: 5% action
      Movie: 20% action.

      HUGE UPGRADE! Im glad they upped the action!

      1. Edward was simply exposing his flesh to make a spectacle of himself and raise questions that would threaten the Vampire way of life.

        He wasn’t afraid of the people killing him (they likely couldn’t) he was forcing the Volturi’s hand in the issue. Any vamp that doesnt keep their lifestyle discrete gets executed.

        Point Break had a lot of story with action at the end too.

  15. I disagree with the comment about having a ton of disappointed fans. I think that for the most part most of the people who went to go see New Moon little girls and women who wouldn’t know a good movie if it kicked them in the throat. They’ll be back for more when the third movies comes out, all they need is more pale emo looks and shirtless guys. The other major source of revenue were the boyfriends that got dragged along to watch the movie. The third movie will bank just as much and they’ll love it just as much. Twilight to girls is like Transformers 2 to little kids.

      1. No,No,NO Jake please don’t speak for all of the female Twilight fans!!! I am a fan of the fist movie but New Moon left me VERY disappointed!!! Like John said in the podcast, I also am not as excited to see the third installment as I was for New Moon. I will go see it however, to see if they improve because I still have some faith that they will bounce back. But as for me Twilight its lost much of its vampire, skin-twinkling-in-the-sun lustre.

  16. My first question is do you refuse to read these books at all, i know you haven’t read them but will you ever? The mythology is much fuller than there is time to get into in a movie setting and I belive it would be enjoyable for you.

    PS. I have an answer for your last question:


    The reason that the Voltari do not push the issue at the moment is becasue they want a reason/excuse to take out the Cullens who are a powerful family intheir own right.

    PSS YES: the fact that Lucian is the head vampire does wig me out just a little.

    1. No, thats in the 4th book. in THIS movie their main reason is they dont want to waste the talent Bella has.

      They wanted to cooperate with them as much as they could because they KNEW that theyre suicidal and if he kills Edward, it wont matter if they turn bella or not, shell eventually KILL herself.

      And the Volturi are long time palls with Carslile. Carslile is the closest thing to a Volturi member BESIDES the Volturi.

      1. They do express that in the film as well.

        Lucien… I mean Edward asks Aro to kill him. A detail strongly suggested but glossed over in dialogue in the film. When Alice says “The Voluturi have refused Edward” she is referencing this request.

        Aro states that his talent makes him valuable and asks him to join their ranks, but Edward declines insisting that he will get his way in the end anyways.

        It is the talent that Edward has that made Aro hesitate, and it is Bellas talent (alongside Alice’s promise that she will one day be a vamp) that gets him to release them knowing he will get the chance to recruit them later.

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