Wall-E Named Best Picture By Chicago Film Critics

I know I know I know I know… I’m starting to sounds like a broken record player. Wall-E is the best picture of the year and I’ve made it my personal, and admittedly probably futile, mission to pound this fact into the heads of voting Academy members enough to at least get the best movie of the year a nomination as such at the upcoming Academy Awards.

Yet another major critics group, The Chicago Film Critics Association, and just handed out their annual awards and have named Wall-E as the best picture of the year. This makes 3 of the major city critic groups (Los Angeles and Boston) giving their top prize to Wall-E. That’s more than any other film has been able to garner.

It is the best movie of the year and deserves to be at least nominated.

And don’t give me any of that “But it’s an animated movie” crap. If you want to change the name of the big award to “Best Live Action Movie”, then fine… but as long as you’re going to call it “Best Picture”, then you damn well should nominate the best pictures. And that’s Wall-E.

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14 thoughts on “Wall-E Named Best Picture By Chicago Film Critics

  1. totally the rake. i do not understand all the love being heaped upon it. if the entire film had been as good as the first 30-45 minutes then yes – it would be a masterpiece but the last half of the film is boring and rather run of the mill animated film type of stuff.

  2. Wall-E is not even close to the best film of the year. Stuck in the middle of the pack. Ben Button was far superior and I have a HOST of others that were better IMO. I can’t do the animated thing…Wall-E was no more moving or involving than say, Finding Nemo.

  3. Even though I’ll be totally bitched at, The Dark Knight is so far the best. I still have to see Valkrye and Benjamin Button, so I haven’t made my decision on what is the best.

  4. there is absolutely no way on earth dark knight will win best picture.
    it will be lucky to get nominated.

    don’t get me wrong I fucking love it but it is not going to win the academy award for best picture..

    i am starting to get a feeling slumdog millionaire might be the dark horse..it is really picking up some steam

  5. Frost/Nixon is my biggest disappointment so far out of the “oscar” films.

    I mean its a fine film and all and langella is amazing but three thimngs bugged me too much to truly enjoy it.

    1. The faux documentary pieces to camera? Completely pointless and awkwardly handled. It was used as a device to explain things that just didn’t need to be spelt out to us. They just tell us things we then see happen on screen to make sure we “get it” Terrible stuff.

    2. This is minor but the woman he meets on the plane? She had been his girlfriend for over five years when he did the nixon interview

    3. This is the biggest one for me. One of the biggest moments of the film, Nixons late night call to frost is one hundred percent entirely fictional. Its all made up. wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so important to how they choose to frame the story but that is a major major moment in this film and it never happened. I couldn’t get over that. But howard always does that when he makes true stories. The changes he made to beautiful mind were even worse.

    Loved milk and slumdog though. Outstanding.

    Let the right one in is still film of the year for me. benjamin Button may beat it is it lives up to my pretty ridiculous expectations but until then Let The right One in all the way.

  6. Dark Knight???

    I love TDK, but come on guys.

    Have you even seen

    Slumdog Millionare?
    Frost / Nixon?
    Happy Go Lucky?

    Wall-E is easily best film of the year… I’d have TDK in my top 10, but not in the top 5

  7. I really want The Dark Knight to win. TDK was just such a suprise, and it would be cool if a comic book film won for best picture.The Dark Knight was the best film of the year in my opinion.

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