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    can’t believe no one said anything about the chopper “farewell” sequence… which was taken from THE AVENGERS ULTIMATE”.
    They basically drop Banner as you would drop the H bomb to save themselves and win their war against evil…

    love the fact that anger and wrath will turn Banner into a weapon of mass destruction, the only thing capable of defeating “Abomination”

    I, personnally thought that “transporter” was an amazing first effort as a director. I have faith in Louis Leterrier… he’s one of those geek dream directors along with zack ‘300’ Snyder and Len ‘Underworld’ Wiseman…

    Peace !

  2. Another opinion, underwhelming trailer. Iron Man now that kicked butt. This trailer didn’t make me feel any sympathy or urgency for the Hulk’s plight.

  3. It’s honestly not in my nature to complain about CGI in trailers and judge the entire film’s effects based on that. I only do so here for a very good reason.

    It this were a trailer released in December, with months of post production to go, then i would not judge…..but we are 3 months away from release. They’ve had ages to get this trailer ready and there aren’t that many effects shots in it (like i said, i love that they’re not showing us too much). Getting trailers ready for blockbusters is a well oiled machine today. The trailer shots get picked and those shots get priority on being completed. This trailer needed to blow people away and you’re not going to get that with half finished effects shots. I think the trailer shots were finished, and i don’t think they look very good.

    I’m not saying Hulk looks fake (i think its ridiculous to say that when there is no reference point in the real world for such a thing:)), i just don’t think it looks like much.

    Anyway, if the film is as good as John thinks it will be then there’ll be no reason to worry.

  4. for all the people who dont like this hulk…you are either not versed in the hulk univers (which is totally acceptable we all have are niches) or your just plain lame…..u might not like it cause u watched it on a 3 inch screen or your just a hater and like hulks that can jump high enough to high five the moon…either way i dont like cgi at all but what are ya gonna do when it comes to hulk…still looks fun .

  5. I happened to like Ang Lee’s Hulk. It may not have been what everyone wanted, but it was still a good flick. I liked this trailer as well, finally Hulk gets to throw down with Abomination!

  6. Oh and the reason it looks fake is because of the shading and texture of Hulk and abomination. If they gave them a more texture feel it would look more realistic. They should all look at what they did with Iron Man and copy. That suit looks like its actually in the environment not superimposed
    into it

  7. Unless EVERYTHING in the shot looks fake, when you see CGI you should not be able its fake compared to everything else in the picture. The fake look of the Hulk takes you out of the movie. They better fix this or this movie will make NO MONEY. The only ppl that will go see it are fanboys of the Hulk and little kids, because it looks like a CARTOON!!!! LOL

  8. I’m not exactly sure here.

    On one hand, I recall the detractors of the Ang Lee film and “the fans” who wanted less of a Fruedian encounter and more of a Hulk Smash ’em up, battle against villains like Abomination or Leader…so, despite what worked and what didn’t work, here Marvel listened to “the fans”

    NOW look..

    “Looks dumb”
    “Looks cheesy”
    “Silly Looking”

    Look . If this turns out to be trash, “the fans” better shut the hell up because it is what YOU the FANS wanted. Don’t point the fingers at anyone but yourselves.

    That out of the way, I don’t have one problem with the trailer.
    Not only that, but we *are* some time away. Effects not all there? There’s a little more time to tweak.

    In all honesty I CANNOT compare the new Hulk to the 2003 Hulk until I seen the entire film.

  9. I think it looks great – 1000 times better than Ang Lee’s movie, and a million times better than Bayformers – the closest movie I can think of comparing it too since they both have that big Summer Popcorn flick feel.

  10. There are sure a lot of posts on here about the Hulk looking fake???????? The Hulk is Fake, He is not real people. What the Hell? Some people are trying to hard to Hate this film, From what i saw, This movie looks like a good time at the movie theater. You can tear every CGI movie apart if you want or you can enjoy the special effects. Better yet, Don’t go at all if you doubt this movie, because most likely your bias towards this film won’t change even if you do like it.

  11. I think the problem is that the character himself is such a silly looking thing. They can redesign superhero costumes to make them look cool and bad ass but The Hulk is a giant green man in purple shorts. How on earth can you make it so it doesn’t look fake? I don’t think it can be done.
    Maybe they should have gone the “man in a suit” route and use forced perspective and superimposing to make it look natural.

  12. Anyone else think the Hulk looked like a toy in the still window in this post? I thought it was going to be a “I’m a Marvel and I’m a DC” video…

  13. Why I think everyone would admit it looked better than Ang Lee’s crack at bat, I think it still looked pretty awful.

    Why does Abomination have to look like one of those undead creature things from “I am Legend”? I am with the guy who said the trailer looked awesome until Hulk showed up.

  14. It’s okay. I’m not blown away by it.

    The Hulk looks the same as the last film. The only thing they changed is that now he has Obimination to fight against, instead of the US Army.

    I am still looking more forward to (1)Indiana, (2)Batman, and (3)IronMan.
    Still, I will probably see Hulk opening weekend.

    Personally, I wanted to see a movie made on Flash. :o)

  15. Not a good trailer. It raises concerns instead of anticipation. Besides the CGI, which I always reserve judgement on until the movie opens, the beats chosen don’t flow at all and individually seem clunky.

    And the design of the Abdomination is terrible.

  16. The Hulk comic never took off like the Iron Man comic?

    erm. ok.

    I think what we are starting to see in film is a journey into the phenomenon known as The Uncanny Valley. It is very unfortunate that such a thing exists, but it does, and here we are. With that said, when you go and see an animated movie, do you care that the characters look animated? No. You don’t. Because you are going to see an animated movie. You are going to see a movie like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. Half live action and half animated. What brings the animation to life is the talent behind the animated characters. While I agree that the CG does stand out more than it should, once those of us who are going to see the movie (and I am SOOOO fucking seeing that movie) see the character BEHIND those CG animations, it may not matter as much.


    That scene between Abomination and The Hulk? I don’t give a doublefuckingmonkeyshit what anyone says that is PRECISELY why ANY of us are going to see that movie.

    Right. Fucking. On.

  17. Wow, does that look bad, am I the only one who noticed how really fake it looked. A Hulk Muppet would look better. And what the hell is up with Tim Roth and Ed Norton? They must be behind on a timeshare together.The only thing this movie needs is Will Farrell.
    Strong opening weekend, fall of the radar.

  18. I don’t know in what kind of fantasy land you live in Nicolaas where Roger Rabbit was more realistic than Lee’s Hulk. It must be nice there though.

  19. When I watched this the first time I thought it looks horrible but after watching tv HD version I’m much happier. You can see much more details in both hulk and abomination.

  20. I didn’t think it was bad at all… first, Norton is gonna fit into the role better than Bana, i think Norton can pull of the nerdy scientist thing a lot more.
    and then, what the hell were you guys expecting, its a story about a big Green dude kicking butt… i dont know what level of technology we’ll have to reach before that looks natural… he’s green for crying in a frekin bucket, and give me a break – Roger Rabbit was more realistic that Ang’s Hulk…

  21. My biggest concern is the CGI. The ILM stuff in the first one was amazing, some of the best I’ve seen, well except for the dogs but everything else was superb.
    This new stuff doesn’t really do it for me, especially the Abomination who I think is poorly designed to begin with.
    I liked Ang Lee’s version for what it was and I hope I’ll like this one as well for what it is.

  22. Having watched a few more times I do like the look of norton in the role and the general vibe…I like the homages to the bixby tv series. that stuff seems cool….I like the general set up b-b-b-b-but I am very unsure about that final scene. The run and jump looks very silly and everyone i showed it to at work laughed. and not in a good way.

    I am not going to judge the effects based on this trailer as for host sites player isn’t to flash and I highly doubt that is 100% finished work … at least I hope it isn’t but it just looks very much like the cut scene of a video game….

    I have hopes for this film but again I really think they needed to give a better trailer than that if they are to win over the people who didn’t like the last one.

  23. Well I love that they don’t overload of the quick cutting action shots like so many trailers do but………that CGI looked crap to me (and i don’t usually bitch about that kind of thing).

    I’m still excited to see it.

  24. wow i hope its just coz its rushed. the cgi looked ok. but the trailer seemed a mess. no pace or rhythm. i hope all the dialog isnt that cliched.
    now i cant get 1980s swamp thing movieness out of my head.

  25. PS. I do agree, they showed WAY too much in the trailer. If it’s not just a condensed version of the film, I hope this all happens within the first hour. Then have a super climax at the end.

  26. Is it just me or do Ed Norton’s eyes look eerily just like Bill Bixby’s in the original tv show? I paused it and they are Norton’s, but so similar.

  27. Looks like a summer popcorn flick with a bit of story to make it interesting. I don’t know, I’m not particularly excited, but I am looking forward to seeing the movie. Still, Indy, TDK, Iron Man and Hellboy 2 are the movies I’m on pins and needles for.

  28. Awww man i prob watched this trailer like 10+ times. Not cause i loved it so much, but i was trying to find things i did like. Roommate told me the trailer was out i was so excited and after i finished watching it i was like ……… Eh. I really wanna love this movie but just from the trailer im not really all excited about it.

  29. The trailer was exactly what I wanted to see in a Hulk Movie. It showed a little bit of Banner dealing with his ‘illness’, and it had the start of what I am sure is the climatic fight.

    Ed Norton looked 100% better as Banner than Eric Bana.

    Liv Tyler looked great as Betty.

    I don’t get why people are harping on Abomination, he looked alright, basically a more mutated version of the Hulk.

    Lastly, the Hulk himself looked awesome. I liked the dimensions of the Hulk in Ang Lee’s movie, but the CGI in the original Hulk just looked sloppy. The new Hulk looked refined and focused, and definitely was an improvement.

    My only worry is that the movie will wait too long again before showing the Hulk.

    I personally cannot wait for the movie, it may not be the best movie of the summer but it at least looks to be fun…

  30. I’m going to be honest…I watched the trailer, I closed the window, and felt no exciteent, no anticipation, no NOTHING after I saw the trailer. I have a very strong feeling that the folks who hated the last flick will watch this trailer and make a mental note to skip this movie. I really cannot stress how much I do not care about this movie. For a trailer meant to sell me on a movie, it didn’t get the job done. It also gave away the whole story. Felt like I just watched a condensed version of the movie. No need to pay for a ticket.

  31. ehh…that was pretty disappointing. I still want to see it soley because of the cast but this trailer does nothing at all. We get a bunch of shots of them sitting around talking or shots of them slowly moving and looking sort of off to the side of the camera as to say…hey! look who is in the movie. I love Norton but he just seemed to be reading lines with no emotion behind it at all.

    How in the world are people calling this trailer “amazing”, “awesome”, “incredible”? Oh well I hope it doesn’t represent the movie too much.

  32. I dunno John, as much faith as I have in Edward Norton, I just don’t see this movie having the same impact as Iron Man or The Dark Knight at the box office for a number of reasons. Some of which were already discussed by other readers.

    While I am one of the few that found something to enjoy in Ang Lee’s Hulk, it was in a lot of ways a big flop in the Box Office. This film really needs to market itself differently, highlighting what makes it different from the first and I hold faith that I will, in the end, succeed.

    But none the less, the Hulk, as a comic, never really took off as much as either Iron Man or Batman – especially when it comes to abroad.

    Either way, based on your recommendation, I’ll still watch it! If only so I can play a game of “Spot John Campea”. :-P

  33. AMAZING. I have stood by this from the start, saying how good I know it will be, I was doubted by people but now they think differently. And if they don’t then I have lost any respect for them.

  34. Wait… Did I just see the Neo / Agent Smith fight start sequence? RIP OFF! The last Hulk movie was Crap and this Hulk movie is Crap 2. I agree with Alfie when he says that the last one is still too fresh in our minds. Especially when they’re basically regurgitating the same damn story. I’ll save my $20 thanks…

  35. is it my dial up computer or does this website look different? i loved the old look so much more
    and who cares about the CGI it looks great and im wathcing it on opening day

  36. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! not really it looks like there is one hell of a cast but the hulk it self looks fake they need to wait till CGI is improved thats why I thinks that the Halo movie has been delayed but if they cast that movie well and the writer of 28 days later wrote the screenplay halo movie will be bad ass.

    They just should wait a few years for this movie to be made but Norton is deff the best man to play the hulk.

  37. Am I the only person that thought it looked terrible?

    I’ll grant that seeing Banner try to learn to control it was kind of neat, but it just looks like Gozilla vs. Mothra or something, but with the Marvel logo.

    The CGI looked awful, and quite frankly I’m pretty sure we just saw the entire film compressed down to 30 seconds. I can almost guarantee the climax of the trailer (Hulk vs. Abomination in the city) is the climax of the film. Talk about giving the movie away in the trailer. I feel like I’ve now seen the entire movie.

    The Hulk is a pretty boring comic book character to start with (yes, Hulk Smash, we get it. You’re strong and green.) but this looks even more boring than I could imagine.

    Watch Banner get exposed, watch someone steal his plot-device-ray, watch someone else become a monster, then the movie turns into a cartoon as they fight. Why bother?

  38. Hey John,

    Those last few shots make you home sick? haha They certianly didn’t do much to cover up Zanzibar or Sam’s eh?

    Can’t wait to see what CFB Trenton and Belleville look like!

  39. Sorry but it just isn’t cutting it for me. The effects on both the hulk and abomination looked liked a cheesy cartoon as did pretty much every other f/x shot in the clips as well.
    Im gonna be on the fence for this one at least until I see a new trailer some time down the road, then i’ll be able to judge if this is just early work or if the effects (which I don’t care what you say, make superhero movies) will really be as awful as they appear

  40. Looks good, glad they finally gave us some hulk footage thought for a second there it was only going to be a teaser and just show us the arm only

    Looks good..

  41. Awesome Amazing, Perfect Super, and yes


    But couple of points.
    They still could have made (or edited the trailer) even more better as they are in big competition plus they have only one more trailer to show (obviously it will be with Iron Man). The marketing guys could learn a thing or two from the teaser trailers of Transformers, kept the audience interest build up for more.

    But regardless, this HULK (I did love the other one also) will SMASH THE REST OF THE MOVIES!!! Man the last part (if you watch it in theatre, especially at IMAX), damnnnn.. His expression will really blow away anyone!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I’m probably in the minority here. I thought this trailer was really cool… until the Hulk showed up. It looks terrible to me. I love the cast, but I can not get excited about this. I liked Ang Lee’s Hulk, despite the flaws and I thought that, if anything, the design for the hulk in that film was so much better than this one.

  43. That was surprisingly underwhelming for me. Don’t get me wrong, I want it to be a balls-to-the-wall kick-ass HULK film as much as the next guy. But…that doesn’t look to be it. Although I hope I’m wrong!

  44. I just don’t think there is an audience for this film. I think the stench of ang lees take is still too fresh in a majority of movie goers minds.

    stuck amongst this summers slate with the dark knight, indiana jones and iron man and all the other big summer films I think this has a lot of work to do to get people that intrested.

    I am not saying that it won;t be good…it might be terrific but I just don’t think general audiences give a shit about it.

    and with the news this week that ed norton and marvel have a huge fight over the final cut and rumours are he has threatened to do no press if he doesn;t get his own way the “hype” is not off to positive start exactly.

    I love the hulk character and I can;’t wait to this but I really think there is no interest in this film.

    Aside from geeks the general public..the people they need to get on board will looks at this trailer and be confused as to why they have “remade” it so soon.

    I know it isn’t a remake but if you were just a casual movie goer…a regular friday nighter this trailer will just look like the same film you hated last time if ya know what I mean….

    but fingers crossed as it looks great

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