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The new Talk To Me trailer has hit the web. This summer, a bunch of the streets in my neighborhood were shut down for filming Talk To Me. This film had my interest right away for 2 important reasons. Don Cheadle, who is just always pure money in the bank when it comes to the type of performance he’ll give (If you haven’t seen him in Hotel Rwanda, you’ve got to run out to Blockbuster and grab it TODAY) and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Chiwetel Ejiofor first caught my attention by being one of the most interesting movie “villains” I have ever seen in a film. His bad guy in Serenity made that movie for me. There was something so elegant and deadly at the same time about him. He was also fantastic in Children of Men.

Anyway, check out the Talk To Me trailer and let me know what you think of it.

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10 thoughts on “Talk To Me Trailer

  1. I was a wee thang when Peety hit the scene in my hometown. But, what an honor to have worked as an actress last summer in this film with such GREATS to recreate this moment in history!!!! I’m one of 3 women hanging laundry and listening the Peety on a transistor radio in our backyards. It was an awesome treat to be a part of what will no doubt be another masterpiece of this genious of a director (loved the dreads) and cast of brilliant actors/actresses. Check me out…I’m in the trailer, too!!! Love and peace my fellow babies! Light skinned, big fro, African print, Sharon (DC)

  2. This film looks great, and it has depth. Can’t wait to watch it, although I’m apprehensive because of Cedric the Entertainer. That guy just isn’t that funny or good of an actor…

  3. I had heard nothing of this piece, but I have to tell you that this movie “looks” good. I really dig that cat Chiwetal, and if you haven’t seen “Dirty Pretty Things” I would recommend you check it out. I haven’t seen “Kinky Boots” yet, but there has yet to be a role I have seen him in that makes me say “Man, he sucks”.

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