George Clooney not Optimus Prime

No Clooney!This has to be some of the most disappointing news I’ve heard all day from IGN FilmForce:

Clooney was in high spirits at the press day [For Good Night, Good Luck]. Just before exiting the room at the end of the interview, Transformers was mentioned. Clearly confused and smiling at the thought, Clooney responded. “No. No truth. Is that really out there? No, no one’s called me.”

“I am actually able to transform myself into a small RV.” (Laughs)

Damn. Okay, with that rumour looking quashed, who do you fancy for the role? Who would be good enough to voice Prime?

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5 thoughts on “George Clooney not Optimus Prime

  1. I just like the idea that so many A-list names have been linked to this project. I never thought names like Speilberg and Clooney would be mentioned with a Transformers movie and it brightens my day a little every time I read it.

  2. I’m peronaly happy the Clooney thing is just a rumor. I mean he’s a decant actor and all, loved him in ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ But I really don’t want to hear his overly mellowed out voice for Optimus. Plus after what he did to the movie image of Batman, still mad about that, I don’t wanna ever see him in anything comic book or animation derived ever again.

    But ya, like John and trysop said above, like Keith David is to me the vocal imbodyment of Spawn, Peter Cullin IS Optimus Prime…

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