Philip Seymour Hoffman the Bad Guy for Mission Impossible 3

PhilSeyHof.jpgI’ve liked Philip Seymour Hoffman for a long time. But no matter how many great films he does or how many memorable performances he gives… to me he’ll always be Scotty from Boogie Nights!

So imagine my surprise… and delight… when I read that Hoffman is now officially on board for playing the villain in the upcoming Mission Impossible 3. The good folks over at JoBlo give us this:

Hoffman was Cruise’s top choice for the baddie in the previous Joe Carnahan version of the film that was to have starred Carrie-Anne Moss and Scarlett Johansson but because of scheduling reasons, they were unable to work out a deal. Instead, Cruise and Carnahan went with Kenneth Branagh to play the nemesis of IMF’s Ethan Hunt. But then, as you all know by now, Carnahan left the film, Cruise went on to film WAR OF THE WORLDS and Hoffman became available as the production was delayed.

Well this is good news. Perhaps with a start date for filming finally being announced and now this addition of Hoffman, the focus can be put back on the film instead of on Tom Cruise and his freaky behaviour lately.

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5 thoughts on “Philip Seymour Hoffman the Bad Guy for Mission Impossible 3

  1. I’ve never heard of the guy, but I’m glad he is playing the baddie instead of Michelle Yeoh, assuming of course she is still attached to the movie—PLEASE LET IT BE!!

  2. Fuck… Now this means I will have to buck my Tommy Boy boycott and actually pay to see one of his movies if PSH is in it. I loves me Philip!! Such a fabulous actor he is.

  3. On the headline for JoBlo it said ‘Hoffman for M:I3 vllain’ and I was like “Holy shit, Dustin Hoffman!!!”, then it wasn’t.


  4. now can they please get scarlett and carrie backk too? oh, and a script? thanks. and another director besides jj abrahms? (please, not brett ratner.)

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