Airplane! Turns 25

Airplane_Poster.jpgThere are a few films out there that you can really say set the standard for their respective genres. To this day, Airplane! continues to be that standard for spoof films. Can you freaking believe that it’s turning 25!?!?! (Suddenly feel so very old).

Yes, a few good spoof films have come out in the last 25 years. Some of the best ones are Top Secret!, Spaceballs and even Hot Shots. But over the years the original Airplane! continues to be the cream of the crop. Yes, some of the jokes are a bit dated now… and some of the references are a bit hard to follow because of the change in culture… but overall this movie continues to be the mark, and nothing has come close to taking it’s spot, even after 25 years.

It should also be mentioned that Airplane had a sequel with almost the entire original cast, with the addition of William Shatner. Oh man did that one suck. But the failure of the sequel only made the first one look even better.

So seriously folks… the next time you and your buddies are getting together to watch a DVD, you should surely grab Airplane!!. And don’t call me Shirley.

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6 thoughts on “Airplane! Turns 25

  1. “Airplane!” is easily the funniest movie ever made. Number one on my funniest movie of all time list, and I didn’t think the sequel was quite as bad as you said.

    Private:”We have no tower sir.”
    Shatner:”No tower?”
    Private:”Just a bridge sir.”

  2. The sequel did suck for much of the film. That is until William Shatner appeares on screen. From the moment he appeares until the end of the film, I was in pain from laughter.

    Also suprised no one brought up the three brilliant Naked Gun Films (same people who did Airplane and Top Secret). Which actually pre-dates Airplane when you add in the TV series, the brilliant “Police Squad”.

  3. Top Secret!, I argue, is better than Airplane. Both are exceptional, but certain parts of Top Secret! make me want to wet my pants. The East German national anthem, anyone? Where have comedies gone??????????

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