Jennifer Garner Got Slashed

This disturbing news from the folks over at IMDB:

Jennifer Garner’s Elektra co-star Will Yun Lee cringed when he heard the actress was fighting nerve damage because he felt sure he was to blame for her health crisis. The stunning action girl had to pull out of promotional duties for the film last week after suffering a back injury in a stunt on the set of the Daredevil spin-off. And when Lee heard that, he almost pulled out of attending Saturday’s premiere in Las Vegas, Nevada. He says, “I accidentally slashed her with my sword and there was blood everywhere, but she stuck her hand in the dirt and kept going. I thought I was going to get fired, but she was ready to keep fighting.

This man must be put to death!!! How dare he pollute the perfection that is Jennifer! If it wasn’t for the fact that he could probably kick my ass three times left of sideways, I’d lay a beating on Mr. Lee. (yeah, I’m tough).

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6 thoughts on “Jennifer Garner Got Slashed

  1. I don’t see anything attractive about Jennifer Garner, she reminds me too much of a man

    As for the Sword slash…It’s their own fault, they should have trained a little longer with them before filming.

  2. yikes!

    it kind of adds some fuel to my desire to see real fighters in fighting movies.

    know what i mean?

    i much prefer seeing a pro like jet lee in an action movie, then some one like, say ben afflek in an action movie. the results are so much cooler.

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