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Darkness.jpgI’d just like to go on record as loving horror movies and not being scared by them at all. Mum. Mum?…I just watched the trailer for Darkness. No, not the UK rock band, but a new movie directed by Jaume Balaguer√ɬ≥ (also responsible for the very effective and similarly creepy Los sin nombre, or The Nameless).

It tells the story of an old house where six children have previously disappeared without any trace many years ago. Now a family have moved in to this house which everyone around had just known as derelict. Except the house hides something.

The trailer is really effective at creeping you out as well as giving you the old scare moment. If it’s anywhere as good as The Nameless it will be filled with a feeling of dread throughout and given a dark and harsh feeling to the movie.

This appears to be his first Hollywood movie, so here’s hoping he hasn’t lost any of his edge in the transformation, it certainly looks like he has, and if you bear any stock at all in trailers then give this one a watch.

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8 thoughts on “Trailer for Darkness

  1. My wife and I watched this movie last year. It was not bad, but the ending was pretty sh*tty. I won’t spoil it, but we thought we were going crazy. We had downloaded a movie that we had thought was darkness falls, and had accidently recieved Darkness. Then we started seeing these trailers around here. It’s so bizzare.

  2. I’ve seen it and it’s not as great as the trailer. When I think about it, the cool creepy Japanese touch (door that suddenly closes, appearances of people who disappear when you turn your back, over-use of close-up photography, rain, thunder and lightning, intensive sound-design, old telephone sequences, orchestrated music at every beat and random edits of subjective images) is just all fa√ɬßade to hide a pointless and predictable story. The director just wants to show off. And that is so lame, cause the first 25 minutes are great, and we think we are about to see a very realistic TCM-like thriller. But after those 25 minutes of joy, it’s all downhill and just plain stupid.

    The actors in the movie vary from being average to very bad, with a hilarious over-acting sequence with a guy showing us, with the use of a potato, what it is like to feel rage. But to give them any credit, it is not easy to act in a dim-witted movie that tries to copy from better directors like Alejandro Amenábar.

    I’m sorry if I have disillusioned some of you guys.

  3. Here’s the funny part…..I’ve already watched it, thanks to an unnamed P2P software package….It’s not a bad movie at all….The distribution crap that always happens makes Dave very mad…..That’s why Dave downloads, don’t feel like waiting……

  4. Wasn’t this movie made, like, years ago when Anna Paquin was still cute and not the freak she looks like today? I thought this had been released direct to DVD. I guess they had problems getting distribution all this time — which is pretty amazining considering it stars Anna and Lena Olin.

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