Bruce Willis sues Studio and Special Effects man

BruceWillis-Tears.jpgOkay, let’s think about this and enter the land of make believe for a few moments. Let’s pretend I am a famous movie star, let’s say in the higher ranks of fame, and that I’m famous for two things. One is a landmark comedy detective show that was at the very beginning of my career, and the rest of it is as an action star (albeit apart from a few famous non combat roles from my friend Shinalight).

Okay, so now imagine I’m in a movie, doing my usual job, in the middle of an action sequence, and a squib fires off and hits me in the face. Oh dear! It’s okay though, it’s not serious and I don’t think there’s scaring.

Now let’s come out of the land of make believe, and face facts. Geez, I’m in action movies, I do that all the time, and it’s goddam dangerous! People have died doing such things, and many actors get hurt. Could it be anyone’s fault, well possibly not intentional, accidents happen after all, loads of actors get hurt in action movies, and many in non-action movies too!

So what do I do? I’m in the business of making action movies where danger is slightly higher than normal, and that’s my living and I rely on the stunt teams…let me think. Oh I know, I’ll sue the Studio and the Stunt coordinator. Great idea. Not only will Studios be scared to put me in an action movie in harms way again, but Stunt people everywhere will never look after me again and treat me like rubbish. Excellent career choice.

Fantasy? Not at all…

Bruce Willis has just filed a lawsuit against Revolution Studios and the Special Effects Foreman Joe Pancake (don’t snigger) on Tears of the Sun. From IMDB themselves:

Bruce Willis has sued Revolution Studios and the special-effects foreman of 2003’s Tears of the Sun, claiming that he was injured during the shooting of the film as a result of their negligence. According to the lawsuit, which was posted Monday on the Smoking Gun website, Willis says he was hurt when a projectile fired in one scene hit him in the forehead, causing an injury that resulted in “extreme mental, physical and emotional pain and suffering.” Willis accuses the special-effects man, Joe Pancake, of negligence while plotting the shooting sequence.

With E-Online stating that:

In the complaint, Willis says he took “a projectile” to the forehead as he shot a scene simulating a spray of bullets. Willis blames the injury on a negligently placed and detonated squib, a special-effects explosive that substitutes for real, live gunfire…His lawsuit seeks unspecified damages…Specifics on Willis’ injury were not known, outside of the lawsuit noting that the Die Hard icon is still incurring medical expenses

Now is it just me or is that kind of slapping the face of the guys who not only signs your pay cheques, but also guards you on the way to the Bank with them?

Okay, might be overly unfair, and it could have been more deliberate or negligent. As always we really have no idea what the true story is. However, wouldn’t you be a bit more restrained about a lawsuit and wouldn’t the Studio be concerned about protecting their image and their star? We’ll see how this one progresses.

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6 thoughts on “Bruce Willis sues Studio and Special Effects man

  1. if u had a near death experience becuase of a mistake that someone made, i’m sure u would be thinking the same as bruce. and actors are worth a lot of money and there is a possiblity that maybe it wasnt an accident and somebody was actually trying to severely harm him. just becuase he’s an actor doesnt mean that he cant sue someone for an accident that shouldnt happen.

  2. If it was negligance, and maybe there is a lot of negligance in routine stunts and special effect, then maybe the lawsuit will bring this negigance out in the open. Sure he is in a film where there are risks and maybe there precautions that are taken to minimize the risks, but what if like in other jobs it after doing things for so long you leave out or neglected certain steps and precautions. As far as I know the whole Walkerton water problem a few years ago was just that. Maybe a law suit for a small scratch on the fore head is a needed eye opener for people who may have become too comfortable with their jobs.

    Or maybe Bruce is hurting for money and attention, is a pansy and like filing frivolous lawsuits.

  3. i thought bruce willis had more integrity then that.

    he has alwasy came off as a nice enough guy. but, i suppose he is just a big spendin’ hollywood cry baby.

    john maclean wouldn’t of sued. he would of punched the guy int he face!

  4. It’s known that Bruce Willis is a Republican who is against the ideas of unions in the Hollywood filmmaking biz. And here he goes suing others doing their job on set. I wonder if the FX guy was union.

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