Is Nicolas Cage loosing his clout?

Right up front I’ll admit that I√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢m actually a Nicolas Cage fan. I think he gets a bad rap from a lot of people, which is really unfortunate when you consider how many untalented actors there are in films today. However, it seems that lately, even when the critics love his movies (Adaptation, Matchstick Men) and like him in them, the general movie going audience aren’t dropping their money to see them. Adaptation was brilliant, but no one saw it. From all accounts, Matchstick Men is really good, but now in it’s 3rd week of release it’s only managed to pull in about $23 million. Windtalkers just bombed, and no one gave Captain Corelli’s Mandolin the time of day. What gives? Is it the movies? Is it him?

Cage is slated to appear in the comic book movie “Ghost Rider” in 2005. Perhaps appealing to a younger audience will rejuvinate his career.

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3 thoughts on “Is Nicolas Cage loosing his clout?

  1. I think Ben has a jolly good point. (Family Man was none of those too, then again,
    that show went the way of the flush.)

    I mean hey, if they made another “chemical weapons specialist” action movie with Cage in it, I’d see it.

  2. I’m a bit late chiming in here, but I saw Matchstick Men today, and I agree, it was a good film. But I don’t know that I’d say Cage is losing his clout. Actually, I don’t know how much he ever had. But that’s not my point. What I think you might have overlooked is that the Cage movies that did well were action movies- The Rock and Con-Air come to mind. On the other hand, how often do you see good dramas finish in the top 2 or 3 at the box office? Not often, and that’s why Cage hasn’t had a hit in awhile. He stopped doing the genres that make nig money. Comedies make money. Action makes money. Epics make money. Matchstick Men is none of those.

  3. Small correction, this is only its second week of release.. — I mean, that doesn’t help the fact very much… — which is a shame, because Matchstick Men is a really good flick.

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