Did You Like ‘The Ring’?

Did You Like ‘The Ring’? Then Keep an Eye Out For This One
The director of the original ‘Ring‘ (which I liked better than the American movie based on it – notice I say ‘based’ not “remade”) is apparently directing the next American remake of his movies instead of someone else (like last time).

It’s called Dark Water, and it’s clam-spankin creepy. I won’t go into silly details, but it ranks fairly solid on the piss-yer-pants-o-meter. Dreamworks hasn’t set a date yet, but they have picked it up. So tell all your friends you already knew about it when it gets released and you’ll feel clever. Or, like everything else, go out to china town and buy the dvd right now.

(And yes, ‘The Ring 2’, which is also a Hideo Nakata film is being remade as well, but this remake will be rewritten from scratch and won’t be anything like Hideo’s ‘Ring 2’ — simply based on the fact that they changed the entire original background story for the American ‘Ring’. So now, it’d be impossible to remake Ring 2, because (shockingly) Ring 2 is heavily based on the original Ring 1 story. (which kicks ass by the way).

And The Ring 0 wasn’t directed by Hideo, probably will never get remade because it’s a prequel that leads into the original story. Which, I mentioned, they changed. Silly adapters.

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