Is Jet Li doing Hero 2?

A couple of weeks ago I made the trek out to Toronto to Day-Vuh’s place to watch a DVD called “Hero“. It stars Jet Li and Day-Vuh insisted it was an amazing film. He was understating it. Hero is just a magical piece of film making that unfortunately has yet … [Read More]

Hosting the perfect Oscar Party

While I was reading around the net this evening I came across this nifty little site set up by Hollywood.Com called “Hollywood.Com’s guide to planning the perfect Oscar Party“. I like to have an Oscar party every year so it caught my attention. It’s a really neat little set up … [Read More]

Pixar finally splits with Disney

Good bye and good riddance! Well, I don√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t think Steve Jobs of Pixar put it quite like that, but the general gist of it is just that. Pixar in finally going to be done with Disney. Hollywood.Com gives us this: After failing to reach an agreement to renew their lucrative … [Read More]

The Perfect Score Reviews

You know when you see trailers for films and you just KNOW that its going to suck? Well that’s the thought that crossed my mind when I saw the first couple of previews for The Perfect Score. Apparently I was right. As of right now it has a Rotten Tomatoes … [Read More]

New Dawn of the Dead Trailer

There’s a new Dawn of the Dead movie trailer posted over at Apple Trailers. The trailer is pretty decent… it shows some pretty cool zombie scenes… especially the one at the first with the little girl. And at the end of the trailer, there’s a cool shot that could totally … [Read More]

The Oscar Nominees announced

Well the nominations for the Oscars were announced this morning. Only a couple of surprises jumped out at me, the biggest of which was that Nicole Kidman was not nominated for best actress. The second surprise was that neither of the 2 Matrix films were nominated for Visual Effects. Besides … [Read More]