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MY outcomes Ah, picking the

MY outcomes Ah, picking the winners in imaginary fights. Every geeks pastime including sports geeks and book geeks. I enjoy this so much that I hereby decree Thursday to be imaginary matchup day. Every thursday, John, Dave or myself will post an imaginary matchup, and then the other two can … [Read More]

Let the main event begin

Let the main event begin To commemorate the opening of Freddy vs Jason tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to imagine the outcome of a few other movie dream matches. Tell me what you think the results would be in the comments section below. Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) vs. Major … [Read More]

Peter Jackson + King Kong

Peter Jackson + King Kong = Ka-Ching! While I’m not totally convinced of the need to remake King Kong, it is nice to see Peter JAckson get some recognition as a first-class film maker. What am I talking about? Check out for more.

For you Kevin Smith fans

For you Kevin Smith fans out there… There’s a little tidbit about a new Kevin Smith project in the works at The title alone is almost worth the price of admission. Add a touch of Kevin Smith hilarity and we’re talking Oscars! Remember, you heard it here first, on … [Read More]

S.W.A.T., brought to you by:

S.W.A.T., brought to you by: Dr. Pepper, Power Chords and the Number: Infinite. Folks, it could’ve been called “The Random Police Squad from Burmingham, Alabama” but that title would’ve told you right up front that that movie wasn’t good, and who’d want that? Okay fine, granted, you’ve got a couple … [Read More]

Positive and Negative buzz for

Positive and Negative buzz for Gibson’s ‘THE PASSION’ I found this interesting article on CNN today relating to Mel Gibson’s new film chronicling the death of Jesus Christ called “The Passion”. Very few people have seen it since Gibson is being extremely selective about screening the film. Those who have … [Read More]