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Tomorrow’s Game Review: Definitely Not a Home Run

Growing up in my household, the only kind of sport that was ever on the TV was baseball. Not because I was a massive fan of it or anything, but rather, my dad was. To this day he watches all the games and gets very into the sport. When I was in middle school I joined a little league team to make my dad happy but I never really got what made it so special, as I much prefer basketball.

Jonathan Coria and Trevor Wilson’s new film Tomorrow’s Game is a film in which I was hoping I’d watch and finally understand why so many people love baseball but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Instead, I was subjected to a film that’s poorly paced with weak performances, and a massively uninspired story.

The Bad:

This isn’t even the first time this year that we’ve seen a movie in which a character has to go back in time as part of their journey of self-discovery. Obviously, the biggest example of this so far this year was Andy Muschietti’s The Flash and it seems like these kinds of stories are not slowing down anytime soon but… maybe they should.

Tomorrow's Game MovieThe film’s protagonist, Daniel, played with minimal charisma by Alejandro De Anda, finds himself thrust into a time-traveling escapade on the day of his Uncle’s induction into the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, this plot point, which should have provided a solid foundation for the film’s narrative, becomes the first of many disappointments. Instead of exploring the emotional depth of the situation or delving into the complexities of family legacy, the film squanders its potential by resorting to predictable and shallow storytelling.

The movie’s reliance on tired tropes is glaringly evident, as Daniel stumbles upon something that inexplicably grants him the ability to travel through time. With little explanation or internal logic, the time-travel device serves as a convenient plot device to propel the story forward. Instead of establishing clear rules and consequences for time travel, the directors prefer to keep things vague, resulting in a chaotic and confusing sequence of events that fail to resonate with the audience.

As the story unfolds, the film’s pacing becomes its own worst enemy. Instead of building suspense and tension, the directors seem more concerned with showcasing flashy special effects and superficial baseball sequences. The narrative drags on, losing its grip on the audience’s attention as the plot becomes increasingly contrived and disjointed.

Additionally, Tomorrow’s Game suffers from its indecisive genre identity. Is it a sports drama? A science fiction adventure? Or perhaps a family-centered coming-of-age tale? The film fails to commit to any of these genres, resulting in a mishmash of tones that ultimately detract from the overall viewing experience. The attempted blending of historical moments with baseball nostalgia also falls short, feeling forced and superficial.

The Good:

That’s not to say that this entire movie is a disaster from beginning to end, however. For starters, the lighting and overall cinematography is quite solid and something about it definitely feels quite vintage which gives the film a much more refined look and feel.

There are also some scenes in which the comedy can work quite well. There’s a handful of jokes peppered throughout the movie that managed to make me laugh and I didn’t find myself rolling my eyes at all of them even though I was certain I was going to. I was also worried that a lot of the jokes would go right over my head seeing as how this is a baseball movie but thankfully, they didn’t.

Plus, the film’s production design is quite special. The attention to detail in recreating different baseball eras is nothing short of remarkable. From the classic wooden stadiums of the early 20th century to the modern and technologically advanced ballparks of the future, every set feels authentic, transporting viewers seamlessly through time. The artistry behind the time-travel sequences is visually stunning, leaving the audience in awe of the mesmerizing visual effects.


When all is said and done, Tomorrow’s Game is a huge disappointment. This should’ve been an emotionally powerful story and it should’ve served as a reminder to those who love the sport of baseball what makes it so great. However, this is certainly not a home run. With a weak script, dishearteningly uncharismatic performances, and a story that feels overly tired, Tomorrow’s Game is a complete bore.

  • Acting - 4.5/10
  • Cinematography/Visual Effects - 7.5/10
  • Plot/Screenplay - 4/10
  • Setting/Theme - 5/10
  • Watchability - 5/10
  • Rewatchability - 4/10
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