Three Movies Franchise That Have Their Own Slot Titles

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Since the dawn of science fiction and action movies, there have been ludicrous marketing and franchising campaigns that have seen the likes of branded clothing and much more hit the shelves. However, in more recent decades, many acclaimed sci-fi and action movies have also branched out to the obscure yet highly profitable area of online casinos. As well as console gaming, these genres have found a new market in the slots sector, and have capitalised on the massive hit rate online by creating officially franchised slot titles. Here are three movies that have their own online slot game. 


Whereas other franchises on the list have long-lasting blockbuster appeal or recent movies released, Stargate may come as a surprise to many. It’s the definition of a cult franchise. The legacy began with the movie release in 1994 and is based on the concept of wormholes, known as Stargates, which provide instant travel across the universe. This spawned a range of comic books and television series. However, the last of these aired in 2011 and there have been very few new instalments since, apart from a short-lived web series. 

The fact that Stargate has a slot game in the first place is a sign that it appeals to a wide audience. The game itself is simply titled Stargate and uses a trademarked Megaways game system, allowing multiple reels and high jackpots. Few online casino games pay as good a homage to the original show as this does, with fantastic symbols that utilise the original characters and the Stargate itself. Even for people who know little about the movie but love slots, it’s a refreshing take on the concept. There are also many other themes available. These can include everything from historical titles focusing on ancient Egypt, to modern ones incorporating well-known gaming franchises. These supplement the wide range of table games on offer. Not only that but playing via an online casino allows extra convenience, as you can literally play anywhere and at any time. It’s a bit like having your own personal Stargate to a casino, though you also benefit from a wide range of bonuses. 


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The Ghostbusters franchise needs little introduction. If you’ve not seen the two classic eighties movies, then a recent outing Afterlife should have introduced you to the concept. Even failing this, you must have heard the familiar theme tune chiming out every Halloween. 

In its original state, the idea centred on three parapsychologists and their everyman assistant Winston, who set up a ghost hunting and removal service. A comedy with a huge special effects budget, the movie was an instant hit despite the reservations of the studio at the time, who believed it would bomb. 

With everything from toys to lunchboxes released, much of it featuring the spin-off cartoon series, it is little surprise a slot game exists. Titled “Ghostbusters Triple Slime”, it has familiar characters such as the green ghost (also known as Slimer) and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The more ectoplasm you release, the more likely you become to hit the high-paying bonus rounds. 


Jumanji first hit screens in 1995. The tale of a magical board game that released jungle-themed enemies every time a turn was taken, was based on a 1981 book of the same name. It had a spin-off television series and a sequel. After a hiatus, Jumanji had two more sequels starring Dwayne Johnson.

The slot game follows a jungle theme and while it does have occasional nods to the movie, it is more in its play style that it excels. It is packed with interesting bonuses and manages to mix an interesting board game concept with free spins. 

There are many more, from television shows like Narcos to popular game show ties ins. If you are a fan of popular culture and slots, you are sure to find something to suit you. 

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