7 Best Sleep Cycle Tracking Applications

There is no denying the fact that sleep plays an essential role in good health and well-being. Like healthy food and exercise, sound sleep can prevent a range of health issues. However, the inability to sleep well can take a toll on your mental health. This is why doctors recommend that people should aim for seven to nine hours of sleep each day. 

But there are several reasons why people might neglect their sleep, and it can be hard for them to track their sleep cycle. However, there is good news for you! Plenty of mobile applications can help you get sound sleep at night by helping you understand your sleep cycle. 

So, if you are adamant about monitoring your sleep cycle and want to improve it, then you can download sleep-tracking applications. The mobile applications track your sleeping patterns and provide insights into your sleep quality. No, it will not help you overcome your sleeping problems, but it can provide insights into your sleep quality. This way, you will be able to take control of your sleep and optimize your sleeping experience. In this blog, we have listed some of the popular sleep-tracking applications that you can download are listed below. 

What is a Sleep Cycle? 

You might believe that sleep is a uniform cycle, but that is not true! Because sleep comes in various stages of a cycle. And sleep cycle is a phenomenon that occurs when you progress through all four sleep stages. Each stage plays an important role in keeping your body healthy. Therefore, it is significant for you to monitor your sleep cycle so you can improve your sleeping habits. 


ShutEye is an excellent application for the ones who struggle with sleep deprivation. The app helps you track your sleep and improve its quality. It even helps you understand the scientific purposes behind your sleep cycle. It has a smart alarm clock that helps you wake up after completing all four-sleep cycle stages. In addition, ShutEye has a snore detector, several sleep sounds, and music that can help you sleep peacefully. 


This intelligent sleep-tracking application has a built-in alarm clock that helps you wake up at the right time. The alarm wakes you up gently, so you do not feel dreadful throughout the day, as it aims to maintain your sleeping patterns. You can even choose your personalized alarm sounds if you do not like the ones offered by SleepCycle. With this application, you can analyze your sleeping pattern and develop healthy habits to improve it.  


It is another powerful sleep-tracking application that monitors your sleeping habits. It has an inbuilt smart alarm clock that helps you wake up at the optimal time and provides proper sleep statistics. Moreover, the application encourages you to develop healthy sleeping habits, so you can be diligent about your sleep quality. 


Pillow is meant for tracking your sleep quality. It even records and tracks the activities that you do while you are sleeping. Pillow monitors your heart rate and records your audio, so you will know whether you snore or not. When you wake up, it explains your sleeping cycle with the help of colored charts.  

Also, you do not have to adjust any settings. Just wear your smartwatch, and the application will do its job. However, just ensure you have a steady internet connection like Windstream. You can subscribe to Windstream internet by simply dialing número de teléfono de Windstream. The provider offers a speedy internet connection and unlimited data, so you can easily use the applications without facing connectivity issues. You can contact Windstream Internet if you are looking for more information regarding its packages. 

Sleep Monitor 

This application can give you a detailed analysis of your sleeping patterns if you are serious about improving your sleep cycle. Once you have an idea about your sleep cycle, you can work to improve it. It supports more than 20 languages and offers high-quality sleep-inducing music that can help your mind doze off. 

Furthermore, it can even record your snores. Since snoring during sleep can tell you a lot about your sleeping habits, it records them so you can listen to the recordings the next day. 

Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius is an excellent sleep-tracking application that uses modern technology to track your sleep cycle. NASA endorses it, and the developers of the application claim that it is one of the most accurate sleep trackers. Sleep Genius is developed by professionals working in the space of neuroscience and sleep. It monitors your sleep cycle and can even help your brain relax. It also has various programs and tips to help you improve your sleep quality. 


You might have heard about this popular fitness device that tracks your sleeping patterns. The device can also monitor your sleep stages using a combination of heart rate and movements. It provides detailed sleep analysis and insights into your sleeping cycle.

If you do not move for an hour, the device’s sensor assumes you are deep asleep. And while you are sleeping, the device monitors changes in your heartbeat, which fluctuate when you are in the light or deep sleep stage. So, when you wake up and sync your device in the morning, it estimates your sleeping cycle. You can even share the report with your doctor if you have any concerns about your sleep patterns. 

Moreover, you can set a sleep schedule in your Fitbit application if you aim to maintain a consistent sleeping pattern. You can also learn more about sleeping habits through the application. 

In Brief

If you are someone who often neglects sleep, then you need to start paying attention to it. Because having adequate sleep is essential for your well-being. Otherwise, you might suffer from several health problems. You can improve your sleep by monitoring your sleep cycle by downloading one of the applications listed above. We have only listed a few incredible applications to help you get started. So, download anyone today and start tracking your sleeping patterns. 

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