DIY Dive in Movie Night

Now that the weather is finally warming up, you may be looking for different ways to enjoy those cool summer nights with your friends. Allow me to introduce to you the dive in movie night.

For anyone who doesn’t know, a dive in movie is equal parts movie night and pool party (it’s like a drive in movie, but you dive…get it?). You can spend the day splashing around and then in the evening watch a movie from the comfort of your pool float of choice.  

Here is how you can throw a dive in movie night that is sure to make a splash!

Pick a time and a place

Your first step should be to find a night that works for you and all your friends. Get in touch with everyone you want to invite and let them know far enough in advance to keep your evening of choice free. You can even use movie night poster templates to make some quick posters and post it on your social media to get the word out.

If your pool is outside, be sure to check the weather forecasts to pick a cool summer night that is not too windy!  

Choose your movie

The film you choose is the centerpiece of your movie night, so there is a lot of pressure to get this step right. Consider your audience and be certain your film is age appropriate if you have little ones in attendance.  

Some of my favorite summer movies that work for any crowd include:


  • Luca. This is the story of a friendship between two adorable sea monsters set in the Italian Riviera that will charm your swim trunks off.
  • Mama Mia.  A poolside singalong to ABBA’s greatest hits? Yes, please!  
  • The Mitchell’s vs The Machines.  A severely underrated gem, this movie’s quirky humor will entertain kids and parents alike.
  • The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. This movie is the epitome of nostalgia for me and watching it from a swimming pool with your friends will be unforgettable.


If you’re drawing a blank, you can canvass your guest list for ideas. Once you make up your mind, remember to be flexible. If everyone wants to watch something else, there is nothing wrong with changing your movie of choice at the last minute if the rest of your party is on board.  


Firstly, you will need a projector and a flat surface to project your movie on. A plain white wall works, as well as hanging a white bedsheet. If neither of these options are available, you can also rent a screen from your local audio visual services.  

You will also need a dvd player or laptop. If you have never used a projector before, you will want to practice beforehand. Nothing is worse than technical difficulties getting in the way of a relaxing movie night.  

Your sound system doesn’t need to be too fancy, but if you anticipate your party being on the rowdier side, you might want to consider a larger speaker.  

Don’t forget to set up all your equipment on a table or platform far away from your pool. Your friends will want to have fun and splash around and you want to keep your equipment a safe distance from the splash zone.  

Pool gear

Half the fun of a dive in movie night is lounging in the pool, so why not do it in style? Get some fancy pool floats for you and your guests to relax in comfort. If your pool party is more of a laid back affair, try some novelty pool floats that are sure to be a hit with your friends.  

Towels are another must for poolside comfort. Your guests will want to go in and out of the pool throughout the evening, so make sure there are plenty of towels, blankets, and a few pairs of extra sweats and jackets so everyone can stay cozy.

Pool Games

A dive in movie night is as much a pool party as it is a movie night. Organize some pool games for your guests to play for the first few hours of your movie night while you wait for the sun to go down. You can even spice the evening up with pool drinking games if you are hosting adults  


It isn’t a movie night without popcorn and candy! Since you and your friends will be floating in comfort, why leave the pool for refreshments? Serve your refreshments in a floating cooler to 

Eating in a swimming pool can obviously present an opportunity for accidents, especially if you are inviting kids. While dropping food or drinks in your pool isn’t the end of the world, there are steps you can take to prevent it.  

I have found that offering small snacks that come pre packaged in plastic wrapping reduces mess. Even when slippery fingers drop them, you only wind up with a small portion of snacks wasted, rather than a whole bowl of popcorn. If there is something homemade that you are dying to share, serve it in ziplock bags that will keep them waterproof in the event of an unplanned dip in the pool.  


If you are planning a get together once the weather warms up, a dive in movie night is the perfect way to party it up and cool down with your friends.  With your best buddies, a pool to splash in and your favorite movie, good times will definitely be afloat.  

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