Why Are Superhero Films So Popular Among Students?

Young people have always been interested in films that involve superheroes. The characters of superheroes were changing over time influenced by the changes in culture and values in society. Several centuries ago you had to be a knight to be considered a superhero, and during a wartime, heroes existed in a form of soldiers. Who doesn’t know Iron Man, Woman Cat, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern or Captain America? There isn’t surprising that movies with the superheroes are so popular among students? Continue on reading this article to know better.

Superheroes Appear When Conflicts Arise

The origins of tales about superheroes root in the history. There were a lot of traumatizing events, like wars or natural cataclysms that common people couldn’t influence and stop. Then they developed a hope into heroes that would come and save the day. Superheroes can do everything: fight violently with enemies, bring peace and maintain a normal life if it is possible. They appear because there is a need to win evil with the help of good. This is the only truth people want to believe in. Superheroes give us hope and save us from dark times. The movies with superheroes promote freedom, peace, and safety. They appear in the heart of the conflict whenever someone desperately needs them.

Everyone Needs to Be Rescued

People tend to seek protection and help from someone who is stronger when they have hard times. According to EduBirdie.com, people expect someone brave and capable enough to come and fight our enemies. The main idea of superhero films is to create a happy-ending story to ensure everybody that everything will be fine. Students life is full of stress and extreme situations. Not all of them can manage stress and address these situations effectively. Therefore, they need a hero to give them confidence and relaxation when required.

We Need Someone to Solve Our Problems

Students studies require responsibility, but sometimes people don’t like to take on responsibility. Therefore, they believe that a superhero will come and solve their problems. Sometimes students arrange parties and wear hero costumes to acquire inner force. In the costume of Woman Cat or Batman, you feel like you can solve any problem when without them you don’t find the strength needed for it.

Protest against Daily Routines

The human mind needs to rest sometimes. Also, we like to abstract from reality. Superhero movie gives this opportunity. Having the same events to happen every day may be boring and superheroes help people to dream about “what if I had this power?” Our fantasy allows us dreaming and thinking that we’re capable of doing great things even if our life is full of boring routines. This is just like skipping off the reality to imagine the life where you can do everything that you want.


The superhero movies give us an opportunity to escape from reality and relax when we have a lot of stress. These films are a mix of entertainment and education. They involve a lot of action and excitement. They take spectators to a different world of fantasy. Modern technologies make them colorful and very realistic. So, students can relax and entertain themselves when watching such a movie not thinking about stress during exams.

Superheroes Are Fun

Students like to have fun and superheroes are a definition of fun! Superheroes do a lot of funny things to entertain spectators. Hollywood invested large sums of money in films with Spider-Man or X-Man after their success – and this investment was justified! The first superheroes we know were created by the best professionals in the film industry. Despite the many superheroes that were born in the past, their number is growing today. The Dark Knight brought its creators $185 million during the first week of distribution. The revenues from this film nearly covered the expenses of its creation.

Hence, these movies are a kind of psychological escape from reality, stress, and problems. Students like them because they help to relax and have fun. Therefore, they are the major viewers of this type of films. In general, superhero films welcome anyone that has personal, economic or national problems that bother them to escape from nasty reality for a couple of hours. Therefore, this genre gains popularity all over the world. So, go to the cinema, buy tickets and popcorn, take your seat and enjoy one of the recent movies with superheroes!


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