The Incredibles 2 Has Been Pushed Up To 2018!

The Incredibles 2 Has Been Pushed Up To 2018!

The Incredibles 2  is not only happening, but it is happening much sooner than stated before. While fans all over the world have been waiting for The Incredibles sequel, it looks like we are finally getting our wish as Pixar has given the Incredibles 2 release the earlier 2018 release date previously given to Toy Story 4.

While Toy Story 4 is something we obviously want to see soon as well, The Incredible sequel is way over due, as the 2004 movie was one of the best Pixar movies of all time (especially in the hero genre).

Brad Bird will thankfully be returning as The Incredibles 2 director as he did more than an excellent enough job on the original movie.

It is currently unconfirmed which cast members from the original Incredibles movie will be returning for the sequel but we hope to see the same voice actors as they made so much of the movie extremely memorable.

Make sure to get tickets to the sequel of the best animated superhero movie ever, as The Incredibles 2 releases June 15th, 2018!

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