Another look at Henry Cavill as Superman

Man of Steel is approaching full steam promotion mode with new news, a trailer in a week, and all sorts of details surrounding the film being released lately to remind us that the Man of Steel is returning to cinemas. Check out this new photo courtesy of a magazine cover showcasing Cavill as Superman.



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3 thoughts on “Another look at Henry Cavill as Superman

    1. @KevinC1 He does look the part, but I thought Routh did at first too. I like that he’s has a much stronger build and reflects the Jim Lee style of drawing the character and I hope they find a way to balance this look with his more sensitive side. I don’t want the dimwit Clark seen in the Donnor films but rather the nerdy/introvert/do-gooder Clark that they’ve shown in Grant Morrison’s current run with the character.
      And thanks for the correction, not sure why I keep putting in that E,

      1. @Anthony_TMB I have a feeling you will get what you are looking for as they are being fairly outspoken with regards to distancing themselves from what Donner and Singer gave done.  I think we’ll see a more introspective Clark and more of a journey to becoming Superman.
        Grant Morrison has done some cool stuff with the character and I think/hope we get something in that vein.
        I was a big Routh fan and I thought he did well with the character in SR, but Im fully on board with this film and I think Snyder is going to surprise a lot of people.
        Looking forward to the trailer, hope there is some discussion about it!

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