Avengers media Overload

While reading one of my posts here on the site, (I do that!), I noticed one of these ad link thingies had a photo of Jeremy Renner in full Hawkeye garb and some more set photo’s that I hadn’t seen previously and looked interesting enough to share.

Man, I’m really liking the look of Captain America’s new costume. Jeremy seems… Idunno, I’ll hold of on judgment until I see more but it’s all still very exciting and getting me amped for this movie. Scarlett looks welcome and I’m grateful to see some of the team together in some action scenes to whet my appetite. Summer 2012 is looking stellar.

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23 thoughts on “Avengers media Overload

      1. These set photos can’t really give an overall impression of what the finished article will be. I’m betting that once we’re all in the cinema watching the whole team in action the suit will fit in just fine.

        People said the same about Thor’s rubber looking armour and the movie seemed to please most viewers (as did Cap. America).

        I’ll call judgment when they release an official team photo.

  1. I am excited about this movie. I’ve enjoyed the films leading up to it, except Thor (I felt rushed in that one). I think that the new movie could be really great. It’ll be the first movie of it’s kind to have multiple individual superhero’s on the same screen. It will be interesting to see how they play it out. I’ve also enjoyed how they’ve taken the time and effort to set it all up and connect the stories.

  2. i love the thor pic with the lady. and in the second pic, with chris evans in regular clothes, loki is in the background. im so amped for this movie. this is gonna be watched in imax. cant wait

  3. Is it me or does Cap’s new costume look a little to 1990’s live action Captan America in style? We’re back to that spandex like (all be it lightly armoured) skin-tight number again!!!??? For me it just doesn’t work as a real-world, frontline superhero costume!!

    However I’ll wait for the team photo to see how it stacks up against Iron man, Thor and the Hulk.

    1. I agree. Verry 80’s plasticy looking.

      I’ve always thought Cap’s costume was pretty silly, in any incarnation, but this is brutal. Colours way too vivid. And what’s up with those shoulder stripes??


      1. Yeah Captain’s custome looks terrible it looks packed with padding and its too bright blue so it makes it look very cheese. Hawkeye’s custome looks very real world type and also kinda ultimates custome. Black widow looks awsome but cap sucks big time

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