Super 8’s Super Trailer

Straight from Cinemablend we have our first close look at the mysterious project from Director J.J. Abrams that finally sheds some light on what he and Steven Spielberg have created.

Source: Cinemablend

It looks very Spielberg-ish, and a fun excuse to make a foray for theater popcorn. I’m not sold on this as I’ve become desensitized to the myriad of mystery monster movies that seem to be released every other month. It could be a fun flick to bring the kids, but it just seems a bit typical to me.

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13 thoughts on “Super 8’s Super Trailer

  1. I see “The Goonies” makes love to “ET”, that offspring makes love to “Stand By Me” and “Jurassic Park” at the same time, which then births this movie. The result? A movie film in which a fat silly kid may get eaten and the skinny dude with long hair likes this girl and they think the big monsty is friendly, but just confused and so they try to find him and send him off back in to space.

  2. This ones all new, Love the throwback vibe and Close Encounters community style feel. Should be good.

    been awhile since we get a quality one of these. Hope this is it.

    also comes at a time when theres chaos everywhere in the world with all the natural/man made disasters.

    will keep an eye out

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