Finally, the Smurfs trailer

I have been secretly curious about this project since its inception. Unfortunately Hollywood has the uncanny ability to re-use re-imagine a lot of popular television and film properties for today’s audience and I wondered how my precious smurfs would look in comparison to others.

Via: Yahoo Movies
They managed the unimaginable feat of including the great NPH and not eliciting a single laugh or chuckle throughout the entire trailer. I will categorize this movie next to Rocky and Bullwinkle, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Garfield as movies I hope I never accidentally watch on cable. I’d like to maintain any favorable memories of these cartoons from my childhood. Please don’t let them remember Dennis the…

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7 thoughts on “Finally, the Smurfs trailer

  1. What was wrong with a forest in medieval times. I was looking forward to seeing how they pull that off. I wanted to know whether they use a realistic or idealized approach to the setting. I also liked the idea that they couldn’t make too many pop culture references because the things they reference wouldn’t exist yet. Instead they’re moving it to what looks like New York.

    Also, nothing against scotland, but you can’t have a scottish smurf. The smurfs all grew up together so they share a common cultural identity. He wouldn’t be scottish, he’d just be a smurf in a dress. I wouldn’t care except this character seems to have been added just for crude humour.

  2. I have been looking forward to a Smurfs movie for many years. This is not what I hoped for. I doubt the strong cast will even be able to save this joyless and uninspired looking film. Typical Raja Gosnell crap

  3. I get the sense that they’re smurf’ng going to smurf’ng use the smurf’ng noun/adjective/verb/adverb every smurf’ng chance they smurf’ng get. It’s going to smurf’ng smurf me. Just smurf me now, smurffers.

  4. It’s kinda expected to be Slapstick with these titles were gettin’ , its for kids anyways, imagine if this came out when the series was popular-it would be more celebrated, thats for sure. Personally I thought this was shit the moment I heard about it and saw the “LOGO” trailer.

    the lil’ fockers look better than I thought they would, Shame we didn’t see any delicious Sophia Vergara in that clip/trailer.

    and for the record I never really liked the Smurfs that much anyways.
    recently showed an episode to my kid and it was agony to sit thru (they dont hold up as good as other cartoons from days past).
    Gargumel is spot on and the Cat was cute though.


  5. Yeah just typical hollywood usage of our nostalgic memories in hopes we’ll take our kids to see this. Like you said Anthony looks just like Alvin and the Chipmunks. Once I saw the slapstick, I knew it was over.

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