Viggo could be the Huntsman

Universal has been busy working on bringing a new live action take on Snow White for a while now and we are at the point where casting rumors are starting to trickle their way onto the internet. The latest news is that a few pivotal roles are being discussed with Viggo Mortensen included in the running for the role of “the Huntsman”.


he first really reliable word on the casting of Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman: Viggo Mortensen is in talks to play the Huntsman. With Charlize Theron also in talks (to play the wicked queen) that leaves a couple major roles wide open. The pivotal one, obviously, is Snow White. The latest actresses mentioned in conjunction with the role are Kristen Stewart and Emily Browning (Sucker Punch, A Series of Unfortunate Events).

I think this would be a pretty interesting role for Viggo, if picked, and wouldn’t mind the idea of him playing the huntsman at all. Viggo is a pretty good actor but I’ve had a hard time separating Viggo from ‘Aragorn’. I get excited whenever I see him take on similar roles because I feel he could excel in them after his experiences with the LOTR trilogy but always fear in the back of my head that he’s a victim of typecasting.

The only sour news in here, that I see, is the possible inclusion of Kristen Stewart as Snow White. I, admittedly, haven’t seen enough of her films to be a great judge but her role as ‘Bella’ in the Twilight franchise is a tough stain to erase from my memory. I really don’t care for the Twilight movies and think she would be a distraction for me because I keep thinking about sparkling vampires when I see her.

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2 thoughts on “Viggo could be the Huntsman

  1. I don’t know what is going on with the Dark Tower series, but Viggo should be Roland, this is just a ridiculous role for any actor of his caliber, the Huntsman is an insignificant role as far as screen time goes, important in the grand scheme of things, but still relatively a waste of his talent

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