The Movie Blog: Uncut Podcast – July 11th 2008

Hey there folks! Greetings and happy Friday! Lots to talk about today so Doug and I get to it. So do join in with us as we discuss:

1) Some talk over the new iPhone launch

2) Doug disappointed over Hellboy 2

3) Louis Leterrier to direct the next Superman movie?

4) DC and WB have some serious talks

5) 2 Sherlock Holmes movies in development

6) Sex and the City 2 already in development

7)Should there be a Sopranos movie?


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39 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut Podcast – July 11th 2008

  1. Jumping on the “fix feed” band wagon here. The great thing about podcasts is that new shows find me, I know don’t need to find them. John, please fix the podcast feed.

  2. And I watched Superman:Doomsday on Cartoon Network yesterday, and that cartoon is better than Superman Returns. I just stumbled across it by accident and was only gonna watch a few minutes, and ended up watching the whole thing.

  3. I just saw Hellboy 2, and was really disappointed.

    The writing was really poor, especially the dialog. I felt that all the comedic moments fell flat, and most of the plot was done before and done better. Won’t say specifics for spoiler reasons, but I’d say wait on this one for a rental.

  4. I would love to join in on this discussion but I haven’t heard the podcast yet BECAUSE THE I TUNES FEED IS ABOUT A MONTH BEHIND!!!!

  5. Just saw Hellboy 2 an I must say I loved it! Thought it was so fun and enjoyable and Del Toro really out did himself!!!

    Missed Hyde Pierce just a moment but quickly got over. Abe was great as were all the characters.

    It was a fun summer flick with great wit, charm, FX, action and laughs!

    For me ranks right up there with Iron Man this summer!!!

    This was so much better than that piece of trash “Wanted”!!!

  6. Oh to the guy saying Hellboy was not trying to be an action movie but “high art”. Really? You must have a very strange sense of what “high art” is.

  7. Wow on the Hellboy hate. Best movie of the summer thus far. Yes, better than Iron Man, Hulk, and WALL-E! Given, I loved Wall-E but as much as I loved it I can’t deny that I felt board thru a good portion of the film. Unlike Hellboy which was 2 hours long and I enjoyed every single second of it.

    Stop hatin on the guy that played Abe. He got all the movements done pat and, on top of that, almost mimicked the voice from the first movie perfectly. As for there not being enough screen time for the villain. I disagree. For the first 30 or so minutes of the film, he had as much screen time as Hellboy himself. We didn’t seem him conversing with other baddies because there weren’t any! He was the only baddie once Wink was gone.

    But I digress. This is the 2nd film of the summer that is great and out of the 2 it is the best so far. Now on to the Dark Knight.

  8. lol, Iowa rampages across North America ripping every state in it’s path a new one, now there is a movie that needs to be made, excellent idea Padthai ;)

  9. John,

    Since they already created much of the software to animate Hulk for IA, wouldn’t it be much cheaper to create it for the Avengers movie? Also, I think IA was still considered a flop for Marvel considering that this is their second stab at this franchise, and it still gross less than the first one. Factor in today’s higher ticket prices and higher budget, this was in no way a success even if they do break even.

  10. Ricochet.
    You said ” That’s not my opinion, it’s fact. What David Chase is show you rather than tell you what happened, you had to put it together and ask yourself what just happened?”

    It’s not a fact Tony Soprano dies, but it is a fact that you think he died. It’s is and ambiguous ending so the audience could talk about it and come to their own conclusions. If you think he died, then you’re right. If I think he’s still alive, then thats also right. I believe thats why the ending is brilliant, because it could be debated until the end of time. Thanks, Davis Chase.

  11. My idea to get rig of the Superkid is to turn him in to Doomsday with the Kryptonite, the bones being Kryptonite crystals. Since he’s half Kryptonian half human they could say that he was immune from its power. He wasn’t affected to it in the movie so he could somehow get a shard in him and it would grow, turning him in to the monster that Doomsday is. It would be allot stronger having Superman battling his own son to the death.

  12. Well even though you were dissapointed Doug, i’m sure you agree that we’re much better off for quality this summer than last.

    Btw, if she’s reading this, my sincere apologies to Kirstina who called in to our show last night to gush about Hellboy II. I wish we could share it with the world but Nowlive had techincal problems and we lost the show. But it lives in the memory of all who were there.

  13. that is not a fact richochet. that is your interpretation but it is not a fact. if anything we the viewer got whacked as it was out point of view that cut to black. Thats my theory anyway..he whacked us..the viewer. I would never claim that to be fact though.

    they don’t need to kill the super kid either….he just won’t exist when someone else takes the reins and reboots the franchise.
    I have said it from day one..there will not be another singer superman film. its dead.

  14. Hellboy 2 is truly a weird fantasy movie. It takes the high road and seems to be trying for art, more than simply an action movie. I thought a lot of it was bizarre and kinda off-putting like the monsters and art style. The action stuff was a bit weak too. For example, the scene where the plant monster is killed with 3 shots from Hellboy’s gun. He’s a gigantic monster and he gets taken down with three shots!! The first scene where the bugs swarm Hellboy wasn’t interesting either. They just kept shooting their guns, which did nothing. Overall, this is a movie that’s worth watching just for all the amazing cool fx and Johann Krause.

  15. as an international fan i´m especially dispappointed (well, more outraged) that over here in germany we have to wait until september for hellboy 2… we even have to wait ´til october to finally see wall-e!
    it´s not even taking so long because every movie is being dubbed over here and the studios are still working on it, it isn´t! everything is already done, but appearantly everybody who is somebody believes that everyone they want to have in the theaters (people of age 12-18) is on vacation, so this summer we´ve just got the hulk (which came out yesterday, rated pg-13, two minutes cut out) and … yep, nothing. oh, wait, we´ve got ‘get smart’… dubbed in german… same for ‘ruins’ and ‘the happening’. i hope i made my point clear that german moviebusiness sucks pretty much and i would rather pay a flight to the uk to see the movie in the original language. by now you probably guessed it: we have only a few theaters all over the country that show the original movie, with subtitles… *sigh*

  16. Bruce, I am not yelling to be funny, I am yelling because I am getting excited about the subject at hand.

    We learned early on in the podcast that it’s best to speak the way we would conversationally with friends. That means the filters are off, things may get loud and needlessly profane – but the result seems to be a more honest, lively and personable show.

    Every film is art, even summer blockbusters. When you have a fantastic visual storyteller like Del Toro, I find it impossible that you wouldn’t also consider it so. I get emotionally involved with tons of “trashy” films, if they move me, they move me.

    I would also contend that if I didn’t get emotionally involved about film, I should work in a pencil factory :P I had high hopes for this one, and it didn’t meet my expectations. Emotion is a natural byproduct of disappointment.

  17. HB2 sucked.

    DK is going to destroy the Box Office.

    I can’t stress it enough that the Soprano’s final scene wasn’t an open ending, he died.

    That’s not my opinion, it’s fact. What David Chase is show you rather than tell you what happened, you had to put it together and ask yourself what just happened?

    It’s all there to realize that he’s dead. It may come off as being open ended but it’s not. Chase has never been about messing with the audience and while the basic perception he build was that it was an ambiguous ending and the intent to a degree I believe because he wants the people to put it together that Tony died hence the abrupt cut to black as well as the music being cut at the same time. If he was going to just shut down the show as it’s just another day they would’ve had the music fade and instead of cutting to back it would’ve been fade to black.

  18. Doug, the yelling inst funny, you dont need to get so emotional involved with the film, there bad movies anyway. Its not like your talking about a piece of drama or cinematic art, its a summer blockbuster.

  19. I doubt the scene will ever happen, but dreaming for it is the best way to describe it.

    @ Kristina – yea dude, I really, really liked some stuff about the film but so much took me out of the experience.

    In the first Hellboy we were able to spend a bunch of “time” with the bad guys as well; I would have liked to have seen more of these bad dudes interacting amongst themselves.

    I really want to discuss particulars, but want to wait a few weeks so I don’t give out spoilers.

    I may have judged it harshly because my expectations were high, but I was disappointed during and after the film and always give my honest thoughts. Still looking forward to 3.

  20. Love the show guys, but seriously come on,

    You actually think that the director of the next Superman film will have the Man of Steel’s eight year old bastard son killed, in a film that is going to be heavily marketed to kids on television, on Burger King plastic cups or on large billboards all over town. I am sorry but that will never EVER EVER EVER EVER happen.

    Personnaly I thought that the decision for Superman to have his own Superkid was a tad unecessary, but if you think that the n ext Superman film will feature a scene in which a little is ruthlessly slaughtered you are fucking dreaming.

  21. I fuggin’ LOVED Hellboy 2. LOVED IT and I’m seriously, truly shocked and bummed for Doug that he was let down. I had an idea that the relationship stuff was gonna piss Doug off, though:) Sorry man, but I didn’t find the lack of David Hyde Pierce to be a distraction at all. I thought that the themes of acceptance and where Hellboy really belongs were really well-handled. I can’t wait to watch it again, but damn Doug I’m really sorry that you were that disappointed (a 4 out of 10? Damn). I know how excited you were for this thing. I found Selma Blair to be better in this one than she was in the first one. I thought she was the weak link of the first one, but I found that she stepped her game up for this one. And Ron Perman is fucking aces as usual.

  22. As always great show.

    And john:
    your idea to save “Singerman” returns bastard child problem and the movie ?

    In just one world HORRIBLE.

    Just kill that dang movie from the anals of supermans movie franchise and start again with ANYBODY else in the directors chair.

    Singers self identification with the character is completely wrong from starters.
    Just take him out of the franchise, right now WB.

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