Disney Sues Clowns over Costumes

Disney sure knows how to put the SUIT in lawsuit. Tigger and Eyore suits that is. Apparently an infringement on their copyright is no laughing matter, and if you buy knock off costumes and run a clown entertainment business with them, you are going to get the ghost of Walt haunting you in your sleep – or a lawyer.

This couple got the latter.

Local6News says:

The couple paid more than $500 for costumes on eBay from a company in Peru and advertised the characters online.

“We bought two characters that to me is an orange tiger and a blue donkey,” Marisol Perez-Chaveco said.

About a week later, Disney wrote the couple a letter, claiming the costumes were unauthorized reproductions of Tigger and Eeyore. In the letter, Disney made seven demands, and the couple complied, Local 6 News reported

First let me say that I fully support companies that defend their copyright. They have to. Even the little guys. If they send a clear message that no one is safe from their legal team, that gives value to their brand. They SHOULD go after people like this.

So how is it that they complied with their terms and still face a million dollar lawsuit? They didnt “really” comply with all the demands.

The demands were simple. Take down ANY reference to our characters on all promotional materials and just to make sure you are not still doing this on the side, they asked that the costumes be sent to Disney so they can destoy them.

Instead the couple contacted the suit seller and arranged a refund.

I honestly had a little pity when I heard the big bad mouse was ruining their livelyhood, but frankly this couple couldn’t be stupid enough to think that this purchase was “just an orange tiger and a blue donkey” when they bought the costumes.

And when Disney’s lawyers called them out on this, they should have toed the line and thanked their lucky stars that it was just a list of demands.

But they were ignorant in buying the non licensed suits, and further ignorant in not complying with the demands. What could have been a $500 loss, turned into bankruptcy.

Don’t mess with the House of Mouse.

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