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For All Mankind Season 4 NYCC 2023 New York Comic Con

NYCC 2023 Exclusive: ‘For All Mankind’ Visionaries Interview”

In this interview, from the New York Comic Con, we are thrilled to bring you insights from three extraordinary visionaries of For All Mankind. They have dedicated their careers to pushing the boundaries of television, space science, and technology. Join us as we sit down with Seth Reid, Esther Marquise, and Garrett Reisman, each a trailblazer in their own right, to explore the realism of their universe through the lens of this incredible show. From astronaut missions to cutting-edge research, our conversation with these luminaries promises to be an eye-opening journey into the cosmos.

Yeah, so you all are responsible for shaping one of the most beautiful shows on television. What do you hope audiences take away as far as like that effort or what do you hope audiences notice the most as far as authenticity in this show?

Garrett: Maybe I’ll start. What I hope is that they’ll see that in this season, we’ve gone way beyond what we’ve actually done. We’re on Mars, we’re going after these asteroids, we have plasma drive engines and all kinds of incredible things. So what I hope the audience sees is like, “Okay, we don’t have these things; they’re not real.” This technology has gone beyond even though we’re in 2003. We’re still beyond where we are in 2023. So what I hope they take away is, “Okay, I know we don’t have these things, but we could, you know, and maybe we will soon.”

Esther: And what Garrett is saying is this is science-based science fiction. We want to make it as believable as possible so nobody falls out of the story when they’re watching it. They look at it, and they go, “Oh, yeah, I can relate to that.”

Seth: Yeah, it’s all about creating that believability, making the audience feel like they can be part of that world. And speaking of authenticity, my work with Axiom was creating the space cover, which is part of the spacesuit. I also designed their next-generation space suit, which will be worn by astronauts for the Artemis III mission in space. It’s fascinating how life imitates art.

Let’s shift focus a bit. What was your favorite scene to film in season 4 of For All Mankind?

Garrett: Well, we have to be careful not to give any spoilers, but what you’ll see today, in episode one, is absolutely amazing. It’s full of detail and encompasses the work of all of us. The spaceship, the asteroid, everything you see, it’s really convincing and full of action.

Esther: I’d like to add that there’s a certain pattern to the show, with episodes one and the finale typically having the most action and excitement. So you’re in for a thrilling experience in season four.

Seth: Indeed, episode one has some awesome action, great tech, amazing sets, and fantastic suits. You’ll see the inside of a spaceship, and I think it might be my favorite.

Can you tell us what it’s like working on a show set in 2003 and exploring Mars and various living situations?

Esther: It’s super fun. I remember the first time I came to set, and I walked through Happy Valley. The scale and detail were mind-blowing. I really wish we could have that on Mars right now.

Seth: There were interesting challenges, particularly with costuming and the differences in patches representing different groups. The show explores how, even as technology advances, we’re still fundamentally human, and human beings are tribal. Season four delves into the expansion of tribes on Earth and Mars, and our costumes play a crucial role in depicting that.

Garrett: The show has been a playground for creativity, allowing us to push the boundaries of imagination on screen. It’s been an incredible experience for all of us.

It’s clear that you’re all very passionate about For All Mankind, and it sounds like this season has a lot in store for the audience. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us.

Garrett: You’re welcome. We’re glad you enjoyed it.

I truly hope you enjoy reading this fascinating interview with Seth Reid, Esther Marquise, and Garrett Reisman. They are visionaries and key figures in presenting the awe-inspiring world of For All Mankind. Their dedication to advancing our understanding of the universe and their commitment to the progress of science and technology are truly remarkable.

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