Diana In Love Review: A Glimpse into Passion and Freedom

Brent Roske‘s Diana In Love offers viewers a glimpse into the spring of 1997, exploring the life of Princess Diana as she embarks on a passionate affair with Oscar-winning movie producer Dodi in Los Angeles. The film paints a picture of Diana’s longing for freedom, a theme that resonates throughout the narrative. While the movie boasts strong performances from the cast, especially Shanti Fiennes as Princess Diana, and captures the essence of Diana’s emotional journey, it falls a tad bit short in delivering a truly profound and nuanced exploration of her complex character and the events surrounding her life.

The Good:

Diana In Love (2023).

At the heart of the film is Shanti Fiennes’ portrayal of Princess Diana. Fiennes embodies Diana’s grace and vulnerability with an authenticity that is captivating. Her performance evokes the sympathy and admiration that the real Princess Diana commanded, making it one of the film’s standout elements. Fiennes is the niece of Ralph and Joseph Fiennes, so it’s no wonder where she gets her immense talent from. Elsa Wörmann as Jasmine, Diana’s confidante, delivers a commendable performance, providing a supportive and empathetic anchor for Diana amidst her whirlwind romance. The chemistry between Fiennes and Drew Taylor, who plays Rose, adds depth to the narrative, showcasing the importance of genuine friendships in Diana’s life.

Dodi, portrayed by Giulio Greco, exudes charm and charisma, capturing the allure that captivated Diana during her time in Los Angeles. However, the film’s characterization of Dodi lacks depth, presenting him primarily as a romantic interest rather than exploring his personality and motivations in a meaningful way. Alex Trumble as Dylan, however, feels one-dimensional and underdeveloped, failing to contribute significantly to the film’s plot.

One of the film’s strengths is its visual presentation. Not only did Roske write and direct the film, but he also served as the film’s cinematographer, and he skillfully captures the glamour of Los Angeles, juxtaposing it with the quiet moments of intimacy shared by Diana and Dodi. The cinematography, coupled with the evocative soundtrack, enhances the film’s emotional impact, immersing viewers in the intensity of Diana’s newfound romance.

The Bad:

Diana In Love (2023).

Despite these positive aspects, Diana In Love struggles with pacing and storytelling. The film rushes through significant events, failing to delve deep into the emotional complexities of Diana’s character. The audience is left craving more profound insights into her thoughts and feelings, particularly during pivotal moments of her relationship with Dodi. The narrative feels disjointed at times, with abrupt transitions between scenes, hindering the flow of the story and leaving certain plotlines underexplored.

Additionally, the film’s supporting characters, such as Massimo Marconi, lack depth and dimension. Marconi’s role as a potential rival for Diana’s affections is introduced but never fully explored, leaving his character feeling incomplete and unconvincing. The interactions between Diana and Marconi lack the depth required to create genuine tension, rendering his presence in the story less impactful than intended.

While Diana In Love successfully captures the essence of Princess Diana’s desire for freedom and emotional fulfillment, it falls short of providing a comprehensive and nuanced portrayal of her life and relationships. The film’s strong performances and visual aesthetics elevate the viewing experience, but the lack of depth in character development and storytelling hinders its potential to be a truly compelling biographical drama.


Diana In Love offers a glimpse into a transformative period in Princess Diana’s life, driven by Shanti Fiennes’ heartfelt performance. However, the film is held back by its superficial treatment of characters and rushed storytelling. While it may appeal to viewers seeking a romanticized portrayal of Diana’s romance with Dodi, those expecting a more profound exploration of her complex character and the events surrounding her life may find the film lacking in depth and substance.

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Diana In Love Review: A Glimpse into Passion and Freedom
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