Oscars Awards 2023: Predictions and Analysis

ABC’s 95th Academy Awards are set to air on Sunday,12 March, with fans rooting for their favorite films from 2022. Predictors remain split between Hollywood legends like Cate Blanchett and impressive new talents like Austin Butler and Paul Mescal. Not just this, but after the telecast for the SAG Awards, betting favorites shifted markedly for Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Picture. 

Instead of going wherever the wind blows, our analysis and insights will give you the confidence to stick to a projection. Here are our predictions for who could win gold in key categories at the 2023 Oscars:

Best Actor 

Colin Farell has been celebrated for his tragic and comedic role in “The Banshees of Inishiren.” Despite this, an Oscar win seems far off due to mixed reviews about the film’s plot-line and dull depictions of a historical event. 

Equally, although Paul Mescal has been praised for his natural acting in “Aftersun,” given the competition he is up against, it may not be enough to outdo the didactic performance of his co-nominees. Bill Nighy has also been cited as giving a classic and noteworthy performance in “Living”, a film that puts him in the spotlight as its lead character. Yet, Austin Butler’s performance in “Elvis” electrified cinemas with singing, dancing, and unforgettable fashion statements.

Our prediction? Brenden Fraser. He continues to steal the hearts of audiences in “The Whale.” Fraser upholds a strong narrative in the film, a quality that the Academy has highly favored. If this isn’t enough, he also has the most marked physical transformation within the movie out of all the nominees. However, Austin Butler, who portrays Elvis in the biopic, is not far behind with +120 odds. Colin Farrell and Bill Nighy have much lower odds of +500 and +3300, respectively, which suggests that they are less likely to win the award. 

Best Supporting Actor

“The Banshees of Inishiren” bagged two supporting actor nominations with Brendan Gleeson and Berry Keoghan. Despite Gleeson’s impressive line delivery and commitment to the role of Colm Doherty, he faces internal competition from his co-star with the odds of +900. Keoghan is currently seen as not only a raw actor but someone with a real rags-to-riches story. This has amplified appreciation for his work.

Although acclaimed for his groundbreaking and out-of-the-box performance in “Causeway,” Brian Tyree Henry failed to attract audiences due to the film’s cliffhanger ending. This is terrible news for those aiming for $1000 in sportsbook promos on BetMGM because of their faith in him.

But even lower in the ranks stands Judd Hirsch for his role in “The Fablemans.” Although successful in his passionate speeches and hard-hitting liners as “Boris Podgorny,” it isn’t enough to outshine other performers. 

You guessed it. With the odds of −1600, we bet on Ke Huy Quan for his breathtaking depiction of a well-mannered husband and martial arts extraordinaire from another dimension, all in one role. His ability to shift character styles in “Everything Everywhere All at Once” seamlessly puts him on the top.

Best Actress

With two Oscars already under her belt, Cate Blanchett is the clear favorite to take home the award for her performance in “Tar,” with odds of -225, However, Michelle Yeoh, who stars in “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” is also a strong contender with odds of +125. This makes availing sportsbook promos on her incredibly worth it.

Anna de Armas wowed audiences on Netflix with her genuine depiction of Marilyn Monroe in “Blonde.” Although her mannerisms, demeanor, and voice change awarded her a nomination, the complex and often misogynistic script weighed down her acting. 

“To Leslie” has been the talk of the town due to its main star, Andrea Riseborough, who played a young lottery-winning mom. Despite successfully flitting between a heavy drinking addict and a struggling adult, her performance remained largely unremarkable. 

Michelle Williams has been noted for her theatrical and splashy performance in “The Fablemans.” Despite dramatic screen-stealing scenes, the subplots continuously wronged her, especially discouraging hopeful sportsbook promo enthusiasts. Andrea Riseborough, Michelle Williams, and Ana de Armas all have much lower odds of +1800, +2000, and +2500, respectively.

So, who’s going to walk up on that stage? Michelle Yeoh for her heroic performance in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” She carried a story of courage and conviction through her role, which gives a strong footing for her next, probably most life-changing, win at the Oscars. 

Best Supporting Actress

But although “Everything Everywhere All at Once” works in favor of its female lead, it does little to prop up Stephanie Hsu and Jamie Lee Curtis. Hsu, who plays a fashionable villain, fails to hold sustained attention. Curtis, who especially put her body on display in service of the film, remained invisible behind other key actors.

Kerry Condon, who played a frustrated side character in “The Banshees of Inishiren,” did little to win the audience and often faded into the film’s already bleak background. 

In contrast, Hong Chau still stood out in “The Whale” through her iconic and highly contrasting role as a funny and caustic best friend. She perpetually sustained and upheld a relational part, continuously emphasizing her character.

Even then, the Oscar award can only have one home. Without a doubt, it will rightfully be Angela Bassets as she has the odds of -300. Her head-turning performance in Marvel’s most anticipated “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” deserves it. With the role of a warrior and leader in one, she gave the franchise the return it needed.

Best Picture

Finally, who will take it all?

The Academy has nominated ten films for the honor of Best Picture. “All Quiet on the Western Front,” “The Banshees of Insherin,” “The Fablemans,” “Triangle of Sadness,” “Women Talking”, and “Tar,” all tell meaningful stories about families, events, and individuals. “Avatar: The Way of Water,” “Top Gun: Maverick,” and “Elvis”are visual treats. But the winner must be “Everything Everywhere all at Once” due to its sci-fi elements, martial arts infusion, and loveable Asian cast. It will predictably become an American classic.


The 2023 Oscars are poised to showcase a wide range of talent, from Hollywood legends to impressive new talents. Our analysis and insights suggest that Brenden Fraser is likely to win Best Actor for his performance in “The Whale”.

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