7 Typical Mistakes When Designing an Advertising Poster, You Should Not Make

Designing an advertising poster that has an impact on the target audience involves applying some appropriate design techniques. The lack of experience in the design and printing of an advertising poster can mean a loss of money for the company, obtaining a lower result than desired. Hence, many businesses prefer to entrust this type of service to labeling professionals.

Based on our experience, companies can sometimes make some of these errors in the design of an advertising one piece poster. We are going to give you some indications so that, if you think you are in any of these cases, you take immediate action.

Typical mistakes in the design of an advertising poster

  1. Make a mistake with the dimensions. The dimensions of the design were greater than the support where they were printed. Part of the poster has been cut, or has been reduced in size, generating an unwanted effect on the dimensions.
  2. Lack of visual impact. The proportions of the objects or elements of the poster are inadequate, since they do not have a point of reference that captures the attention. Lack of appeal, too many elements on the poster, or they are poorly distributed.
  3. Printing errors: pixelated, unwanted blanks, problems with the color palette for printing in an inappropriate format, etc.
  4. Absence of an informative advertising message. Although the product has visual quality, the advertising message goes unnoticed, or does not exist. Small print, confusing message, lack of contact details, and a call to action.
  5. Wrong choice of colors: colors have a special impact when properly combined. But not doing so may imply that the poster is confusing or overlapping elements, or that it is dark, or that it goes unnoticed.
  6. Contradiction between image and advertising text: the whole of the ad is confusing because the image has nothing to do with the text, not even metaphorically. The message is forced. The desired message could not be transmitted.
  7. Does not fit brand standards: Even if the advertising design is good, if it does not meet the style and quality standards of the brand, it can be detrimental to the brand in the end. The one piece wanted posters must be in tune with the type of product, service or idea that you want to convey.

Tips for choosing a suitable font for poster

Different typography styles have different origins and not all are aimed at creating a company logo, or a specific design.

Sometimes the logo or design is not even a known typeface, but a mixture of several in which the design has been played with, changing the shape of a letter or any detail. In any case, we must take into account the following points.

  1. Avoid “Comic Sans Serif” type letters. Unless your company is focused for example on a very young audience, or is dealing with some very creative and humorous subject, there are infographics that arouse mistrust because they do not give a serious image.
  2. Beware of fonts that are not understood. There are certain fonts that are not easily understood. In principle there is nothing wrong with using them, but if it turns out that the observer has to force his eyes to understand that typeface, the letter you use is harming you.
  3. Take care of the edges and the bottom. If a font is to be placed on a certain background, it is important that we highlight the edges in some way so that the letters do not get confused with the background and the letters can stand out. If we do not, it is likely that you will notice a lot.
  4. Watch the print colors. The best print in the world can be affected if, at the time of printing, it has been printed in a color tone that is not what you really wanted, or any error has occurred. Talk to our professionals so that your typeface can be appreciated as you wanted in the design.
  5. Consider the dimensions and position. There are certain logos or fonts that, due to their characteristics, do not fit well in the position in which they are to be placed. For example, if you have abused stretching or compressing the letters to give it any effect, it may later be difficult to square on the label of a room.
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