Despicable Me 3: Worth a watch

The Despicable Me team has been a hit from day one of its release, and by this I refer to the first installment in the series. As the first one became a huge hit, they went on to roll out the second installment and now the third. There’s no doubt about this that the first one was, is and will be everybody’s favorite. The second one too has been quite popular, though not as much as the first one. And as is with almost every series, the third one’s popularity is lesser than the previous two. Despite this, it can never be denied that Despicable Me 3 does what it is supposed to do. It is mainly a movie meant for the kids and it does amuse the kids and the adults as well. A colorful and cutesy film, Despicable Me is quite likeable and entertaining in between real online gambling at least, that is what I feel on watching it after a week full of hectic work days.

The Story

It is double trouble this time. Gru along with his wife Lucy is fired from their job following their inability to detain the super villain Balthazar Bratt. He then gets to know about his twin brother Dru, who wants to learn the tricks of the trade, which is villainy to carry on the family tradition. But now that Gru has turned a goodie from a baddie, and that too for his girls and his wife, he is not willing to go back to villainy. The film follows Gru as he tries to cope with his new found relation, as he tries to stay away from his past. In the meantime, he also plans to get reinstated in the Anti-Villain League along with his wife Lucy by getting the world’s largest diamond back from Bratt. Well, to find out if he succeeds in his endeavor or not, you need to watch the movie and play machine casino slot.

What I liked about the movie

For me, it is a feel good movie, simple and enjoyable. Even if you might not feel like repeating this one, it is worth onetime watch at least. Kid’s will simply love the movie, be it the slapstick comedy, the silliness of it all or the attempt to villainy and yet hilarious stupidity of the yellow band. And yes, there is lots of action, drama and adventure throughout the length of the movie. So, it is a good watch for the weekends. Book the tickets now so that you do not lose out on some fun family time or play on

Some of the hilarious and best moments

  1. When Gru loses all his clothes fighting Bratt and ends up in a party in the bubblegum made swimsuit

File name: despicable me 1 (Video)

  1. When Lucy fights for her husband against the new boss
  2. When Lucy storms in and beats up people to save her daughters
  3. When Margo finds solace in Lucy arms as Lucy shuts up the mother of Margo’s suitor, whom she had got engaged to unknowingly
  4. When Gru tries to make Agnes realize that Unicorn is not for real
  5. When Dru fights back Bratt to save Gru


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