Why movies about gambling so popular?

While we enjoy this wonderful life, the Internet continues to penetrate into every home, apartment and office, providing new opportunities for each of us. Over time, the global network has become an inexhaustible source of new emotions and entertainment. Here everyone can find a lot of different information and news. But why do most users use the Internet? According to Twinword, about 72% of virtual users use the global network as entertainment. Fortunately, the Internet provides many opportunities for recreation. So some users are looking for Unique Casino and other game resources that will satisfy their any requests. Only on such websites can we plunge into the world of excitement and adventure thanks to thematic slot machines and casino games. According to the Wiki, virtual gambling is ranked 1st among online entertainment.

The second place belongs to the films that are filled with different subjects (detective, comedy, action, history, western). Moreover, modern cinema is developing at a tremendous pace and new films appear on the screens of our computers / gadgets every month. In search of the perfect solution, some directors decided to combine the two most popular areas of entertainment. Experienced gamers know that video games are based on popular movies. But fans of the cinema also know about films that are dedicated to gambling. As a rule, such movie premieres delight the audience, because they like to watch such a plot. These films also attract wealth and luxury, since the main characters are always rich and successful players. Films devoted to gambling also follow the “traditions” of films of this genre. For example, the protagonists of the plot always have problems with law enforcement or various gangs.

Ok, we believe that we have talked enough about the plot of gambling-based films, so we suggest you consider the most popular films of this genre.


This fascinating film is dedicated to BlackJack. Probably every gamer and ordinary Internet user has heard the name or rules of this game. Ben is one of the smartest students of the institute. But as an ordinary student, Ben needs money. Possessing a competent strategy and true friends, the guys are trying to win several thousand dollars in one of the best casinos in Las Vegas.

“Twenty-one” is an interesting and action-packed film. But at the same time, it warns beginners against rash risks.

Big Game

This film will introduce us to Molly. A woman works in an underground poker club where she has to create only a favorable atmosphere for customers. After the next scandal with the boss, Molly is going to quit and leave the game, but it will not be easy. With the help of several people, the woman opened her own underground game room and received a lot of money. Willpower and thirst for money helped Molly become the founder of the multimillion ’empire’.

In fact, this film shows how gambling can captivate a person. Players may not always find a “return trip” and return to normal life.

Casino Royale

Bond … James Bond should now not only fight and shoot, but also play poker as a professional. This film attracted the attention by not only the amazing game of the actor, but also gambling and big money that always appear together. After winning several rounds, Bond went to Casino Royale to beat a dangerous criminal in a poker tournament. The film is filled with amazing effects and a fascinating story that tells about all the nuances of poker and other gambling entertainment.

Ocean’s Eleven

Yes, this is one of the most successful movies about gambling and big money. In 2001, this film opened the era of new films that have more interesting plots and amazing effects. The plot of this film tells about friends who have gathered a gang of the best scammers. Having developed an excellent plan, the gang decided to rob one of the richest and most reputable gaming halls. By the way, scammers have chosen an unusual casino. This game room was positioned as the most impregnable.

Ocean and his friends will talk about all the nuances of robbery and gambling. By the way, this story was continued in the next 2 films, but they all have the same tendency. Pursuing big money, most of us are ready to break the law and risk our lives. Therefore, the film wants to remind that the casino is just entertainment.


This film fully justifies its name. The audience will meet a guy who loves the risk … and gambling … Yes, risk and casino are his main passions.

A man spends a lot of time in all casinos and spends a lot of money. Carried away by the “dangerous” games, he did not notice how he had lost everything he had.

After a series of unsuccessful rounds, the player made an unusual bet. He put his life on the line and now he needs to turn to high-ranking people to be saved.

Probably every viewer will understand the hidden meaning of this fascinating and action-packed film. The conclusion is simple: gambling can only be a hobby or a type of recreation. Never borrow money to bet. Some experts also recommend setting cash limits.


Fans of the casino saw this film in 1973. It tells about 2 scammers who want to take revenge on the dangerous mafia who killed their friend. For this, they need to learn all the secrets of gambling and restore justice.

These 6 most popular games that are dedicated to various gambling and casinos in general. Each of these films has a hidden message from the director who wants to show not only the luxurious and beautiful life of players or scammers. Directors also want to draw the attention of viewers to the danger. Gambling has become a hidden threat because of the big wins. Sometimes, players cannot stop and they lose everything they have, including their lives.

Most experts recommend not to abuse the gameplay and treat this entertainment as a hobby.

If you are a real fan of virtual or terrestrial gaming rooms, then you will love these movies. Perhaps the characters will even tell you about the secrets of the gameplay.

  • Acting - /10
  • Cinematography/Visual Effects - /10
  • Plot/Screenplay - /10
  • Setting/Theme - /10
  • Watchability - /10
  • Rewatchability - /10
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