Lights, camera, action: top casino scenes of all time

There’s nothing like a round of blackjack or the spin of a roulette wheel to get your adrenaline pumping – and don’t all those Hollywood movie directors know it. Some of the most memorable, the most glamourous, and the most action-packed moments in big screen history have taken place in casinos.

So, grab the popcorn and sit back. From comedy classics to action hits, we’re taking a look at films showcasing the top casino movie scenes of all time.

Rain Man

An Academy Award winning classic, Rain Man rolled out in cinemas back in the late 80s. Acting legend Tom Cruise steps up as hustler and car dealer Charlie, who learns of a previously-unknown autistic brother. That’s Raymond’s – the routine-obsessed and self-proclaimed excellent driver. He’s perfectly portrayed by Dustin Hoffman, who even scooped a well-deserved Oscar for the role.

The reunited pair embark on a funny and life-changing road trip where Charlie soon discovers his sibling’s incredible memory and skill with numbers. It’s a talent, he cunningly realises, that could prove just the ticket for getting Cruise out of an $80,000 dilemma. Charlie devises a plan to get Raymond to the blackjack table. There, in one of the best-known cinema scenes of all time, an unimaginable card-counting feat wins enough cash to dig Charlie out of trouble.


The Hangover

If you’re looking for laughs, this one’s a must-see. The Hangover is the 2009 side-splitting comedy starring the acting talents of bearded funny-man, Zach Galifianakis, and Hollywood heartthrob, Bradley Cooper.

It follows the mishaps of oddball Alan and his reluctant Wolf Pack, as they negotiate Sin City to try and recover lost friend Doug after a wild bachelor party none of them can remember. As well as a run in with Mike Tyson and his ferocious tiger, the friends inevitably find their way into a Vegas casino. Cue a hilarious card-counting parody of that infamous Rain Man scene. It’s sure to have you in stitches.


Casino Royale

High stakes and edge-of-your-seat drama combine in Daniel Craig’s first appearance as Secret Agent 007. Released in 2006, Casino Royale showcases one of the most thrilling games of Texas Hold ’Em in history. It’s all played out in a fictional Montenegro casino, where James Bond takes on the notorious Le Chiffre with incredible odds stacked against him – and even highly-poisonous toxins coursing through his veins.

But low and behold, 007 pulls off a truly miraculous victory. A straight flush sees the $115 million pot pushed his way, proving Craig’s certainly got a licence to thrill.



Can we talk casino movie scenes without bringing up Martin Scorsese’s Casino? Featuring an all-star cast, including acting heavyweights Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone, this 1995 hard-hitting epic dishes out violence and gambling glitz in equal measure.

It’s hard to pick out the film’s best casino scene, but a dispute with a foolhardy cowboy, who refuses to get his boots off the table, perfectly captures De Niro’s uber-cool depiction of Mafia associate Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein. He manages to put the rodeo fan in his place without even stubbing out his cigar.


Last Vegas

And almost two decades after Casino, De Niro makes another appearance in a casino-based movie – this time in comedy Last Vegas. Think of it like The Hangover for grandads, it relates the bachelor party of a group of life-long friends now in their golden years.

Whilst it didn’t achieve the same critical reception as Scorsese’s picture, this one ranks highly for bringing together some of America’s best and most-loved acting talents, including Michael

Douglas and Morgan Freeman, all in one charming, feel-good film.

Archie (played by Freeman) makes the decision to stake his pension fund at the poker table. It’s a risk that sees him land a whopping $102,000! The windfall is the catalyst for an unforgettable and hilarious party on the infamous Vegas Strip, that proves you’re only ever as old as you feel!

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