Guest Post: Will the Harry Potter hype ever end?


Over the past few years, something remarkable happened in the world of film. Capturing the imagination of children and adults alike, a series of seven books managed to become an undeniable part of the public conscious and it was not long before our favourite characters found their way onto the big screen – making quite an impact once they got there. For those wondering where they would fit in theres a Hogwarts house quiz to satiate your curiosity.


The success of the Harry Potter franchise is not something that needs to be repeated. Anyone who has lived in Britain (or any other country for that matter) over the past few years will be more than aware of what it meant. You need only look at the fact that the original books were re-released in a set of “adult” covers to appreciate just how far this story managed to penetrate the public.


Transferring such a big story onto an even bigger screen was a task that was undoubtedly difficult to grasp. After all, we all have our own ideas of what certain characters look and act like and finding suitable professionals to fill these roles left actors and actresses with very big shoes to fill.


Thankfully, the films were a roaring success with all those involved pulling of an incredible job – but what now? Popular franchises such as Star Wars or Lord of the Rings may be considered comparable to Harry Potter in terms of fan base, but what happens to these series when there are no more films to be made?



Merchandise, games and follow-ups are always possibilities but it seems that Harry Potter is taking a slightly different route and it’s one that could cement its popularity forever. Even now the films are almost as popular as they were at their release with the books still selling copies and this has led many to consider whether the hype will ever end. The answer is no – well, at least not if the recently opened studio tour is anything to go by!
Opened just outside of London in the film studios responsible for the making of many of the actual films, fans of the franchise can now find out about the making of Harry Potter at the studio tour. The tour lasts a few hours and doesn’t just transport you into the magical world of Harry Potter (where you can explore key areas from the books and films) but it also allows you to learn how some of the special effects were achieved and discover just how these fantastic films were made.


The next logical step for any Potter fan, this attraction will certainly put the franchise on the map and is one of the first attractions of its kind. With so much interest still being received from the public, the only thing left to ask is where will Harry Potter take us next?


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