This new poster for the Dictator is larger than life

The Dictator has had a very creative marketing campaign thus far showcasing the over the top approach that matches the Over The Top ruler of Wadiya. Today we have a look at the latest poster of the film and IT. IS. GINORMOUS.

This is incredible. I think this campaign is actually working and I might have to admit and pledge allegiance to the Republic of Wadiya.

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One thought on “This new poster for the Dictator is larger than life

  1. Borat, while a pretty funny movie, has severely lowered the bar for comedy. Between them and all of the Anchorman imitations, a lot of these awful movies have been churned out. This film seems incredibly dumb; the novelty of these types of films has worn off very quickly. This seems like the final hurrah before this trend completely falls through. Admittedly, this “fake foreigner” sub genre should probably have been buried long ago. 

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