Ben Affleck Talks The Trade; Matt Damon Directing?

While in the midst of his press tour for The Town, actor/director Ben Affleck talked about the status of The Trade, and the possible reunion with Matt Damon on the big screen.

Collider reports:

While promoting his latest film, The Town, Ben Affleck updated on the progress of The Trade, which tells the story of Yankees pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekrich, who shocked fans in 1973 with the revelation that they would trade wives. It was suggested that Affleck was attached to direct, and perhaps star as one of the pitchers opposite Matt Damon. The configuration of filmmakers may not be so simple.

Affleck shared that he is currently working on the next draft of the script with brother Casey Affleck, whose only prior screenwriting credit is the 2002 Gus Van Sant film Gerry, in which he starred opposite Damon. The elder Affleck has cemented his chops behind the camera with Gone Baby Gone and The Town, and seems the most natural choice for the director’s chair. Casey Affleck recently made his directorial debut with the Joaquin Phoenix hoaxumentary I’m Still Here, which ups his odds for the gig. But when all is said and done, The Trade may end up being the first of a long line of quality films brought to you by Matt Damon: Director. Hit the jump for Affleck’s precise comments on the matter (including video).

Affleck spoke about the behind-the-scenes posturing to MTV:

“I don’t know how it’ll come together, acting and directing, but Casey and I have decided to write it together. Once the script’s kind of ready, then it’s like: Who’s doing what? What’s the time frame? Matt, me, Casey directing? Particularly for Matt, he’s had this extraordinary career where he’s worked with these great directors. He’s a great director who just hasn’t directed a movie.”

The story sounds interesting. It’ll be fun to watch these guys back on the big screen together. Never gets old. Although, I don’t mind Damon directing, I would prefer them acting on the film. But, like many great director/actors have done, Damon could direct and act in it too. That would be cool to witness.

What do you guys think of the story? These guys getting back together? Damon directing?

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4 thoughts on “Ben Affleck Talks The Trade; Matt Damon Directing?

  1. Do you have an on line site where synopsis can be down loaded?

    I’m a published author but find Hollywood a bit of a challenge. Check out one of my novels “Proof of Atlantis, Records from the Past. It’s an action adventure in the Indiana Jones tradition.


  2. Would like it if they did come back together to do Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season, all I gotta say is “Applesauce Bitch!” with clever insert of a fist bump at the end.

  3. From what I hear, it’s very difficult to direct and act in the same movie, at least with any extensive role. My gut says that, no matter how many great directors Matt’s worked with, it would be very tough for him to act in a significant party in his debut movie as a director. Plus, we know that Ben’s extraordinarily talented directing at this point… that seems, to me, to be the best bet. That said, Matt Damon’s always struck me as both highly intelligent and driven to succeed… so I’m sure if he directs, it’ll still be a great movie. It certainly looks to come from some fascinating material.

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