Monty Python on Broadway

I know this doesnt technically count as movie news, but it is spawned from the movies. Eric Idle, an original Monty Python comedy troupe cast member, has resurrected material from the film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and reconstituted it into a Broadway musical entitled “Spamalot.” The stage production, … [Read More]

Spider-Man 2 In Lego Vision!

This is just too much fun not to mention … apparently Sony, Marvel and Lego got together and commisioned a stop motion animator to produce an animated short to coincide with the release of Spider-Man 2 with everything built and animated with Lego. Not only is it a goofy cross … [Read More]

Wow. This is Gonna Win Some Razzies.

Oh my. The trailer for the Resident Evil sequel is online and it looks so bad it’ll have you thinking that Paul W. S. Anderson’s original was Citizen Kane. Pick any aspect of film making you want – cinematography, production design, acting, action sequences, special effects – they’re all wretchedly … [Read More]

Only 3 in the Fantastic Four?

Well not exactly. But three of of four have actually been cast. No news yet on who will play the nemisis Doctor Doom, but rumours are bouncing around as to who will play Sue Richards (ironically the “Invisible Woman”) which also hasnt been assigned. From “20th Century Fox has … [Read More]

Anchorman reviews

When going to see a Will Ferrell movie, like Anchorman, one has to take a few things with a grain of salt. Ferrell does Ferrell style comedy, and does it well. When you go in to see him, you know what you’re in for. This creates a bit of a … [Read More]

Best Comic Book Film Ever?

As this strange collision of nostalgia, marketing and some fine film making continues to vault Spider-Man 2 (Look! I remembered the hyphen! Happy?) into the box office stratosphere an awful lot of reviewers and commentators have been throwing around the phrase ‘best comic adaptation ever’. Now, I don’t want to … [Read More]