Spin Me Right Round – 7 Movies That Will Have You Craving Vinyl

Baby Driver

Ah, the world of film! It has an undeniable way of captivating our minds, transporting us into different realities, and evoking a myriad of emotions. At times, movies do more than just entertain; they inspire. They can lead us to pick up a hobby, travel the world, or, in this case, start a record collection. While the digital age boasts countless tunes just a click away, there’s something utterly magical about the tactile experience of vinyl. The rich sounds, the artwork, the liner notes – vinyl records are a delightful cocktail of auditory and visual splendor. And certain movies, with their infectious soundtracks and mesmerizing visuals, make this allure almost impossible to resist. Let’s dive into a cinematic journey that’ll have you considering (or expanding) your own vinyl stash.

Almost Famous – Rock’s Golden Era Relived

almost famousCameron Crowe’s autobiographical magnum opus is an ode to the world of ’70s rock. Following a teenage journalist on tour with a rising band, the movie reveals the inner workings of the music industry and the allure of rock ‘n roll. The scenes, laden with iconic tracks, depict the magic of music on vinyl. And it’s not just about the songs, but the culture, the album cover art, the tangible connection music lovers felt when dropping that needle onto a spinning disc. After watching, you may find yourself longing for those iconic rock albums of the past.

High Fidelity – A Love Letter to Record Stores

High FidelityDrenched in a mix of romantic chaos and musical obsession, High Fidelity portrays Rob, a vinyl record store owner, navigating his love life through the lens of his beloved music collection. The film underscores the personal connection collectors have with their albums. As you traverse the aisles of Rob’s store, you’re subtly reminded of the joy of discovering a rare vinyl, the thrill of the hunt, and the stories embedded in each groove.

The Boat That Rocked (also known as Pirate Radio) – Broadcasting Beats From The Deep

The Boat That RockedSet in the 1960s, this film portrays a renegade radio station that operates from a ship anchored in the North Sea. As the DJs spin records of The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, and other iconic bands, it amplifies the revolutionary spirit of rock music and the vinyl culture. The rebellious energy, combined with the aesthetic beauty of those spinning records aboard a ship, will have you yearning for a collection of your own.

Baby Driver – Getaway Grooves On A Wireless Record Player

Baby DriverBeyond being a pulsating action-packed drama, Baby Driver is a marvel for music enthusiasts. The titular character, Baby, curates soundtracks for his getaway drives. One of the most poignant scenes features Baby using a wireless record player, emphasizing the timeless connection between old-school vinyl and modern technology. The juxtaposition of speed-chase scenes with classic tracks offers a tempting nudge towards blending the retro and the contemporary in your music collection.

Empire Records – Youth, Rebellion, and Records

Empire RecordsSet in an independent record store, this 90s cult classic is a vibrant portrayal of youthful rebellion, dreams, and the binding power of music. It offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane, where music was as much about personal expression as it was about community. Amidst the store’s impending sale to a large franchise, the employees unite in their love for vinyl. Their fight is a testament to the enduring spirit of record stores and vinyl collections.

Dazed and Confused – The Vinyl Days of High School

dazed and confusedRichard Linklater’s masterpiece is a trip back to the last day of high school in 1976. As teenagers cruise around in their cars, attend parties, and navigate teenage dynamics, the soul of the film lies in its soundtrack. From Aerosmith to Deep Purple, the film is a sensory overload of 70s hits. As you’re transported to a time of bell-bottoms and disco balls, it becomes almost mandatory to revisit the era through a vinyl collection.

A Clockwork Orange – Classical In A New Groove

clockwork orangeKubrick’s controversial classic isn’t about music per se, but its eclectic soundtrack featuring Moog synthesizer renditions of Beethoven pieces is unforgettable. The protagonist’s fondness for classical tunes serves as a fascinating lens into the transformative power of music. Post viewing, the desire to explore classical records, to find that perfect Beethoven vinyl, becomes an entrancing idea.

Movies are a testament to the eternal love affair humans have with music, especially with the ageless charm of vinyl records. Whether you’re an old soul or a contemporary aficionado, there’s an undeniable allure to owning a piece of auditory history. So, the next time you find yourself swaying to a tune on screen, consider diving deeper and beginning (or expanding) your record collection. Who knows, you might just find a part of yourself hidden in the grooves of a vinyl disc.


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