Movie Stars and Gambling: Difficult relationship

Movies stars have been working hard to make it and earn their millions and some of them, at some point, become bored, and after spending cash in buying private jets, great cars, yachts and huge real estate they decide to start spending their money in gambling!

Lots of famous Hollywood movie stars do love playing casino games, and some have developed a proper gambling addiction. Even though online casinos are growing most of them prefer to play in traditional online casinos: ‘The trend we see with movie stars is the opposite of how the industry is going’ said CEO John Pentin. ‘The casino industry is switching more and more online, and mobile where there is more competition and therefore players are rewarded with generous bonus offers. It looks however that the new technologies do not have a great appeal on movie stars who prefer to play in the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. It might be that they have a need to be always at the centre of attention and they used casino games for this purpose. Online casinos have improved massively over the years and provide great immersive functionalities, but they will never match the personal experience of gambling in a top traditional land-based casino.’

But let’s take a quick look at who are those movie stars that have a soft spot for casino games and also those who have adequately become addicted:

Charlie Sheen

Ex-wife Denise Richards said that he is usually spending $20,000 every week to gamble on the sport. It is said that Two and a Half Men star, who has earned 1.8 million every episode, has been addicted to gambling since he was young.

Ben Affleck

In addition to having drinking problems, Ben Affleck behaviour has also caused some concerns in regards to gambling. He has skills though as he has won the 2004 California State Poker Championship and in 2014 was banned from a famous blackjack table in Vegas after he was doing really well. After that, he stated that: ‘I started to play blackjack well and the casinos asked me to stop. So doing well at the game is obviously against the rules the casinos have and this tells you a lot about casinos.’

Tobey Maguire

Spiderman actor is very much fond of gambling and has even been sued as he took part in an illegal gambling ring. He is known to be a great player, but he is a terrible loser. After all being Spiderman, he is not used to defeats!  

Tiger Woods

It has been said that Tiger Woods can bet even $25,000 in a single hand when he is out gambling. This famous gold player loves blackjack and apparently has even won a $1 million in a single night in MGM.

50 Cent

Famous music star 50 Cent has had a troublesome relationship with gambling for years. In 2012 he even bet $500,000 on a single championship game between NY Giants and San Francisco.

Matt Damon

Apparently, Matt Damon started to gamble seriously to prepare for the role he had to play in the Rounder’s movie. Damon spent $25,000 on a single night, and since then he has been playing regularly.

Pamela Anderson

This Baywatch star enjoys poker, and it was said that her marriage to Rick Salomon was the outcome of a $250K poker bet she lost when playing against him. She is undoubtedly one of the most famous female gamblers.

Michael Jordan

Jordan has been gambling so much that it was rumored that he has quit playing to dedicate more time to gambling.

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