Top Slot Games Based On Movies

Casino operators are always looking for ways in which to attract new customers. To accomplish this, the industry is always looking to introduce new games especially slot machine games. This particular type of casino game can easily be designed around a particular theme which attracts fans of that genre such as cars, sports or music for example. For this reason, movies have inspired many slot machine games.


The Godfather


Based on the classic movie, the Godfather slot machine is a progressive slot machine that provides multiple ways to win. The game can actually be selected in one of two modes. These include “Corleone’s Office” with 25 paylines or “My Daughter’s Wedding ” which has 243 different ways in which to win. Players work their way up through the Corleone family. Bonus features can be accessed by completing certain challenges made by Sonny himself.


Top Gun

Those who have long felt the “Need for Speed” will find this slot machine just as exhilarating. Based on the classic 80’s film starring Tom Cruise, this slot machine also will appeal to those who enjoy action games as well as aviation The slot machine includes planes from the film such as the F-14, Russian MIGs and other fighter jets. This game can appeal to many budgets with the minimum bet at just a penny and the max bet being $1000. Free spins and bonus rounds can also be triggered in this 5 reel slot offering a total of 20 paylines.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This classic film starring Audrey Hepburn now has its own slot machine game. Hepburn stars as Holly Golighty who inspires this game. A five reel slot, Breakfast at Tiffany’s features a substantial amount of paylines at 60 and it even have a short footage of the movie displayed from time to time which is sure to please the fans of the original movie! If you are a fan of bonus games, this slot will be one to check out as it offers five different bonus games.


While these are just possible slot machine games based on movies, there are even more out there. With recent shift in the play store regulation allowing real money casino app it’s even easier to search for these game using an app such as the Spin Palace app. If you’re a movie buff consider trying some of these games online or on an app.

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