Interview: Jordana Brewster talks Fast & Furious while promoting National Pet Month


Jordana Brewster is collaborating with Purina to promote May’s National Pet Month for the campaign Pure Love For Pets ( While promoting this campaign, she agreed to entertain a few questions about her career and upcoming films including Fast & Furious 7 which will be releasing this summer. From what’s said below, it sounds like the series could continue after this upcoming film!


Hi Jordana.


Hi Ryan.


With this upcoming film [Fast & Furious 7] do you see the franchise coming to a close or is there a possibility for more films?


Well I think the franchise has been pretty genius about reinventing itself. And Vin [Diesel] is one of the producers and he is just so smart about what the audience wants. I thought 4 would be the last one and now we’re on 7, so I think there’s definitely a way of reinventing the franchise and bringing new characters in and evolving.


Out of all of the projects you’ve worked on would you say that this franchise is your favorite? In what ways would you say it has launched your career among other films?


It’s definitely my favorite because it’s the most fun. You get to travel the world with people that your close with and at this point we’re family. It also did a great thing for me, it enabled me to finish school and it was a high profile movie that allowed me to take a break for a little bit.


I also saw that you have two other upcoming films, North of Hell and American Heist. One is a dark comedy and the other is an action/suspense film. Based off of these two films and other films, what’s more fun for you, doing an action film or a comedy?


Dark comedy was super fun because I’ve got a really weird, sarcastic, twisted sense of humor. So that was really, really fun, but then I can’t knock flying off a building either, so I’ll say both of them.


So moving on into the National Pet Month campaign, do you want to tell us what it’s all about?


Well May is National Pet Month so I’m teaming up with Purina to celebrate it, because it’s been going on for a long while but we wanted to highlight it this year. The different ways you can “paw it forward” is by going to There are two ways that you can “paw it forward” on that website. You can either play the instant win game and by doing so it triggers a donation to which is an awesome organization and you also have a chance to win a coupon and a second coupon for a friend and that’s a different way of “pawing it forward.” And they also have these awesome suggestions on the website about different ways you can treat or interact with your dog or cat, like changing your profile picture on Facebook to your dog’s face, which I’ve done many times, or dressing up your dog or teaching them a new trick or having a doggy playdate, so it’s just different ways to have fun with your pets.


And I’m assuming you’re a pet owner yourself as you just said with your dogs. Do you have any other animals or just primarily dogs?


I have two dogs. I have two Labs that are really really fun. Yeah, dogs are my favorite for sure…I used to have a cat growing up.


Haha, same with me and it steered me away towards dogs.


Dogs are more fun, especially in a place like L.A. where you can go hiking with them and it’s such an outdoorsy place.


Random question. Have you ever had any of your pets onset with you or incorporated into any films that you’ve been in?


They’ve never been incorporated into any films but when Henry, that’s my lab, when he was a puppy he used to come to work with me all the time, but now he’s about 90 pounds so I don’t bring him to work quite as much. But there are lots of work places that do encourage that and I think that’s amazing because pet ownership has been shown to lower blood pressure and stress levels so having a dog at your workplace is kind of genius.


And again, where can we learn more about this campaign?


Yes, you can logon to and there Purina lists all the different suggestions on how to interact with your dog as well as play the game which allows you to win the coupon and the coupon to the friend so you can “paw it forward” that way as well.


Thank you Jordana.


Thank you.


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