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How about a Black Panther movie?


Marvel’s ‘The Black Panther’ is the latest film in the rumor mill as being the next in line to get the film treatment following Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Captain America 2. The King of Wakanda’s footprints have already appeared in a few Marvel films with the country of Wakanda appearing on a map in Iron Man 2 and Vibranium being mentioned throughout a few films (Cap’s shield is made of the stuff). As such it’s not far out of possibility that he’s on Marvel’s roadmap and here’s what’s being stated:


…there has been much speculation as to the upcoming two Marvel films which have yet to be announced. It’s painfully obvious one of them is going to be the sequel to the Avengers.

But what about the other one?

Without further adieu, let’s get right to it…

Hell yes folks…

THE BLACK PANTHER is going to headline his own film!

How do I know? Let’s say I got it from FOUR different trusted sources.

Marvel is going BIG TIME after the urban film audience and I applaud them for that.  Last year, it was reported that Marvel hired Mark Bailey to pen the script and I hear the script is fantastic.

The clues were always there. They showed Wakanda on the map in Iron Man 2 and Captain America’s shield is made from Vibranium which also hails from Wakanda. The Black Pantherhas a long development history which at one point had Wesley Snipes attached to star. Marvel got the rights back to the character in 2005.


Ok, he’s got 4 sources that say that the Black Panther is the unannounced film squashing out Ant-Man and Dr. Strange. I like the Black Panther and his character is really top notch. The only reason I’m taking this news with a grain of salt is because this rumor is from undisclosed sources and I personally heard Kevin Feige say that he was going to look into a film about the ‘Inhumans’ way back at last year’s New York Comic Con.


We can start playing the casting guessing game but I don’t think we’re there yet. I think we need Kevin Feige to weigh in and set things straight. Besides, my personal favorite for the role needs time to de-age and lose weight.


Source: Latino Review

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