Jonah Hill, Kristen Bell and Sarah Paxton posing with the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1… is this a hint?

I really really hate posting about Ghostbusters. It’s bittersweet but mostly bitter because they dangle the franchise in front of us without any real traction. It’s been a good 3 or so months since we learned that Oscar grows up to be a Ghostbuster and now these guys are teasing something BIG in these photos.

Via: Worst Previews

Apaprently the source of all this imagery is none other than Twitter, addiction of choice of most in Hollywood. Heck, they even foudn time to include the following lines of text within the 140 character limit:

Hill wrote: “Who ya gonna call?”
Paxton wrote: “Who ya gonna call? SARAH PAXTON!”
And Bell wrote: “Guys, please do not be intimidated that I changed my background to a pic of me driving the Ecto-1. It’s not a big thang. (read: It’s a BIG thang)”

I’m extremely skeptical. First off nobody’s actually driving the car in these shots. Then there’s the fact that although none of them appear within the same photo you can actually tell that the car is parked in the same spot in each shot. And last, isn’t that the Green Hornet’s “Black Beauty” parked next to the Ecto-1? For all we know this is at some amusement park with replica’s or some Hollywood lot accommodating for tours and tourists.

I want fall into the hype of these teases anymore and I’m gonna start calling bluffs.

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