Look at Merida from Pixars’ Brave

It’s been quite a while since we first looked at concept art for Pixars’ Brave, but today we get to take a first look at the fully rendered red head heroine of the film in the first official screenshot release for the movie.

A little small? I thought so too so here’s a closeup.

Via: Cinemablend

Look at those locks! I don’t know what it is that she’s doing with that bow and arrow but that confident expression on her face tells me she does. Yep, I’m ready to leapfrog Cars 2 as this one has always seemed like Pixars’ most interesting announced upcoming movie.

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9 thoughts on “Look at Merida from Pixars’ Brave

  1. what up off-topic! aka stop ranting on cars :D

    kinda bummed me out to see these new pics. i honestly thought pixar was gonna go with a ico/shadow of the colossous imagery(?). this looks a bit to clear/crispy. but still it’s obviously about a girl with a bow and arrow so you got me pixar.

  2. Is it me or does Cars 2 feel like it should of just came out straight to video? The whole premise just sounds crazy compared to the original heart felt movie. And with pixar working on epics that look like this, I’ll have to agree with Anthony “I’m ready to leapfrog cars 2”

      1. As you said Rodney, me too ready to leapfrog Cars 2 for Brave right away. Of all Pixars flicks, i always thought that Cars is the weakest of em all. Personally i never find the original to be appealing & enjoyable. So for me the sequel is unnecessary. On other note, where are the sequel for the Incredibles? that one ripes for continuation!

      1. Couldn’t agree more bernard, Cars was the weakest Pixar film, they should have skipped Cars 2 and focused on making Monsters Inc 2 or the incredibles 2

      2. @Don: There are actually more on Monsters, not a sequel, but prequel though… but all the original voice actors return. So that will be good.

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