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  1. Why waste time with a long and unnecessary top hat and tails routine which creates the train wreck of the Wall E song being raped by 2 slumdog songs?
    Was there really no time to perform a song or nominate more than 2 movies in that category?
    The whole panel of previous actors giving mini reviews of each nominee was beyond awkward.
    The montage of deceased actors and filmakers was terrible.

  2. What really baffled me was that montage of animated films. The whole thing was like a tribute to “Clone Wars” and “Space Chimps.” I can’t wrap my head around that.

  3. I think Jackman was fantastic. The set looked gorgeous, and for once, people genuinely looked like they were having a fun time. Job well done, as I predicted.

    And Jai Ho is trapped in my brain.


  4. Well I don’t have the luxury of watching the show next to my computer.

    Overall, very happy with this show this year. They made a lot of improvements, it was much tighter and Jackman was a great host (I just could have done without the musical number in the middle which nearly destroyed the whole show).

    On the downside, it was the most predictable oscars in ages and what they did to the ‘in memorium’ montage (usually my favourite part of the show) was an absolute travesty.

    What better way to pay tribute to this year’s losses to the world of film than have, what appeared to be, an over-excited Wall-E operate the camera and constantly glide past the screen of the deceased so we can’t even make out half the people being honoured. That really made me mad.

  5. Well aside from all that Bollywood bullshit I had a great time with you guys SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR! Early prediction: Best On Set Meltdown: Christan Bale for Terminator Salvation!

    1. i know that but look at all the actors that was nomination all did a great job but some actors just need to step down. or am i just dumb which i am lol

  6. The Academy need to put more new faces as winners the pass two years the same actors won two Awards. dont get mw wrond Penn is great but give us someone new

  7. @ Tony

    Kidman was amazingly beautiful in batman, Since then she has fallen out of my likeness.

    Winslet deserved this hands down, brilliant actress.

  8. I can’t believe that no one attached to Scum Dog has thanked Ghandi. If it wasn’t for him you never would have gotten your precious god damn movie and Oscars.

  9. Yes sir! As Reese Witherspoon just said, Ben Stiller held the supposed phone that it was filmed on earlier in the show.

  10. Paul Newman? Charlton Heston? All legends. I have all the respect in the world for the people that pass away in this business. Please don’t think that I’m being disresepctful to anyone other than Latifah.

    1. I HATED this.

      The worst part of the entire show.
      Why? I could hardly see the tributes! ARrrggghhhh
      I had to friggin’ SQUINT to know that James Whitmore passed!

      And NO appluse for Chareton Heston. What’s up with that?!

  11. hugh jackmsn killed this show with every note, and dance move he made in that opening. (It was soo bad gay and straght People across the board disowned him)

  12. Oh and The Dark Knight had the best Music score by far come on that was where all the tension and emotion came from in that film.

  13. @ Ezell.
    The Academy is not unknown to mess up. You have to remember these are the same people who gave Best Actor to Denzel for Training Day, when Crowe or Penn put in much much much much better performances, even Smith in Ali did a better job.

    1. yea Denzel was the supporting actor it that film Hawk was the lead. They just wanted to give a oscar to a black man and black woman in the same year.

  14. oh and every film that wins best editing win best picture so we all know Slumdog won I think this might have been the most predictable year yet.

    1. I did not see it but I will agree it looks like a grate film but an Action movie such as Dark Knight should win best cinematography it takes a lot more work to light and frame a action film than a Drama.

  15. they are going to make a new award for tonite best Bollywood dance ending. the nominees are Milk-The Reader – Slumdog Millionaire- The Dark Knight-and WALL_e

  16. That is how the Academy is every year they they pick one film and give it every award it is nominated for. Like No Country or Departed they lost like one out of ten nominations.

  17. Action movies are all about special effects. If they can make something look extraordinary like with Transformers for example, then it should win. IF it just looks great, then it doesn’t deserve the win all that much. And yes I agree with the last two sound awards.

  18. Damn right Button won best effects. Iron Man rocked my socks, but yeah, some of the stuff in Button looked so real that it almost didn’t look generated.

  19. It’s fine Jawmuncher. :)
    And yes, thank you, it was politically incorrect!
    Why does Ledger die, and not Spears or Hilton? Some people are just meant to suffer, I guess, No it’s not fair.

  20. Wait I might be wrong about TMB saying Heath wouldn’t win. Since I can’t find the story on the site. I think I got it confused with if he should be nominated.

    My bad and sincerest apologies

  21. Everyone looked like they were going to cry when they gave it to Ledger that is with happiness that he won but sadness that he is gone.

    Why did a talented individual die why could it not be Paris Hilton or Brittany Spears

  22. Well okay then Jawmuncher, I trust you.

    Bill Marr, what was the show he used to host a few years ago where they brought in celebrities to talk about everyday social topics?

  23. @IncliningPizza

    It was awhile back, it was a piece they did saying why he wouldn’t win.

    Doug will probably talk about it tomorrow

  24. You just summed up Efron.. He is nothing but a pretty face..

    Ledger will win this, if not the academy clearly has it out against sci-fi’s.

  25. Best Supporting Actor… I’m going for Ledger. He deserves it the most. But if Downey wins, I won’t complain. :)

    Yeah. Efron doesn’t really have that much talent to deserve the fame he has, unless you consider a pretty face talent.

  26. Best supporting actor is a tough category, and Heath Ledger did a fantastic job.

    Hey YAMO! YOU WERE RIGHT. Look it’s Efron!

    Can we please get back to the awards?

  27. Ledger better win this.. Nothing to do with my love for the Dark Knight( I thought Slumdog was by far the best film I seen last year ).

    1. To each his own but I saw that trailer and I told myself that I wasn’t going to fall for all the hype surrounding it. I really hope it doesn’t win and Milk does because Milk has to do with an on going issue in this country.

  28. What was so great about Slumdog Millionare? I just don’t see the appeal of it. Changeling and Dark Knight had such great cinematography while Slumdog was shot on a fucking cell phone!

  29. Thank you Yamo!
    I actually thought that Dark Knight would’ve been a nice choice for Cinematography. Slumdog was pretty good I guess. :D

  30. Thank you moviegab!
    Yeah I’m betting on Penn for Best Actor too. Or Frank Langella for my next pick.

    Yeah, I don’t think they like comic book movies either to be honest.

  31. Benjamin button won, dang! that’s like 3 in a row i got wrong.

    Guys, I’m making a prediction: If Sean Penn doesn’t win best actor (my pick for best actor) then I think MILK’s got best picture, but Slumdog is a big competition , so i think that’ll win

  32. Wallllll-eeeee, as Aniston says. AARON, I’m not saying that Kung Fu Panda isn’t a good movie! I thought it was great. Wall-E was better, which most people will agree with.

  33. Nah, are you crazy? Wall-E is way better. Kung-Fu may be more entertaining to some, but Wall-E is superior.

    I’m not going to complain about Milk winning Screenplay. I liked In Bruges more, call me crazy.

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