The Movie Blog: Uncut – September 2nd 2008

Hey there folks!  This is your 317th installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut, originally recorded Tuesday September 2nd 2008.   Listen in as we discuss:

1) Could the Watchmen be pushed back to 2010?

2) The sad passing of Don LaFontaine

3) Superman in a Lord of the Rings type trilogy?

4) We take questions from the live interactive chat board

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14 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – September 2nd 2008

  1. One of the worst movie deaths for me has to be Sean Beans death in the first Lord of the Rings movie. Not necessarily because it was done badly, (Although it did take an age), but I didn’t want to see that character die.

  2. the first live action TMNT movie was excellent and was pretty much the old Eastman & Laird comics from the page to the screen, and the turtle suits were great.

  3. You nailed it Douglas. Why would Fox kick up a stink now?, instead of before Warners even went into production on Watchmen. It clearly cos they now have heard Snyder did a good job on a project the couldn’t get off the ground themselves. Why didn’t they ride the fucktard who sold the rights to Watchmen a long time ago when WB first announced they were going to film it? Straight up greed.

    I’m glad Kick Ass is goin’ the indie route to avoid studio interference & pointless internal ratings battles over edits n’ whatnot.

  4. hey did u guys edit out my question. the one where doug dose his narretor voice? it was the highlight of the show for me. but if u edited out can u let me know thanks

  5. bonecrushers death WAS pretty awsome…

    i wonder how different the trailers are going to be if the movie IS delayed 8 months…i mean thats a lot. i bet that means less and shorter trailers or something…ugh thi sucks…

    i mean they already have the 2nd trailer out but no one has it. im sure john sawll it sinse he was at the comic con but we wont see it till maybe april now thanx to this sueing problem…

    i like how the hulk did its origins in the last movie…they just did it at the first 3 minutes when the leters were up
    i mean that wasnt the whole origins but it was the boring gamma rays part that we sawll in the show and movie so it WOULD have been..redundant… maybe superman can do something similar because like john sayd- everyones seen the origins to superman. thats something no one would like to see, that and more lex.

  6. I agree with you Doug, all the way. One thing i been thinking about weather is a a big deal or not, is how shit the cgi in watchmen will look by 2010. Even with harry potter, whose cgi looks pretty average at the time the film comes out. well all see how quick cgi dates and what we see in the watchmen trailer looked fine for something coming out at the start of next year but in a year and a half, its going to look like spider man one does now.

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