8 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded September 25th 2008

  1. you guys should fix the “what people are saying” part of the site


    i fucking love it when doug/john get pissed!!! beverly hills chiwawa was apperantly what made john go into crazy mode in this podcast and its hilarious



  2. if you don’t get the twins in your movie then can you at the very least can you get a picture of them together. I’m sure you can come up with a creative pose for them to be in in the possible picture.

  3. Film is truly subjective. Eagle Eye is getting terrible reviews. And at the theater, as i was leaving I overheard a guy that said something like “damn that sucked”. And in IMDB, there’s people saying they actually fell asleep watching the movie. You said the action scenes were amazing, but James Berardinelli and other critics say it’s not great at all. people on TMB have said they didn’t like the movie.

  4. JOHN, you say Russell Crowe is the best actor working today. I would have to disagree with that. Yes, Rusell Crowe has played a lot of different roles, but he struggles with doing accents. I’m sorry, but if you can’t put on an accent other than your own, that’s not good acting. In every role he plays, you can hear this weird accent – a cross between a heavy Australian accent and an American accent…it is really bad. I’m surprised you can’t see this.

  5. The mistakes you guys mentioned could happen and DO often happen to the talking heads on NBC and CBS dailly, except they rarely call themselves out the next day.

    nothing better than the movieblog uncut after a long night of fun.

  6. please upload Uncut on the previous server if possible(i think it was blip.tv) the server that you have uploaded last four or five installments is filtered(not reachable) in our shitty country,Iran.
    and if you do so, i would like to know your opinion about our shitty country:D

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