7 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded September 24th 2008

  1. Thank you Melbye… I just listened to the audio edition and came on here to make that very post!!!

    Luc Besson is still awesome. Hitman was NOT his.

  2. I’m sorry to be sounding like a bit of a nag here… however, I find it hard to hear you say Ralph Fiennes. When you (both of you do this) pronounce his name you pronounce it RALF FINES. Now, phonetically from an American/Western version of English reading that may look to be the way it is supposed to be pronounced. However, it is incorrect. The correct way to pronounce his name would be R(long)AF(silent)E and you always do pronounce his last name correctly.

    Sorry to be knit picky and I don’t mean anything by it… I just thought maybe that it wasn’t something that you where unaware of and maybe now when you mention his name you can speak it correctly. Thanks.

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