The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded August 25th 2008

Hey there folks! For your viewing and listening anjoyment is The Movie Blog: Uncut installment that was originally recorded on Wednesday August 25th 2008.

1) We talk sequels and run down The Movie Blog’s top 20 sequels of all time list!

2) We take questions and comments from the live chat board

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5 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded August 25th 2008

  1. Whats up with the lack of podcast updates? I was psyched when you announced that you were going to do daily podcasts but wish that you guys would fix the itunes feed (seems to be broken) or post each podcast here everyday…. I love this show but cant catch it live and badly want the podcasts but hate to get them days late….. step your game up camp!

  2. I thought that Uncut was going to be daily now. Did you not do any for Thursday or Friday last week, or did you just not post them to the movie blog’s front page, because I can’t find them.

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